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    I'm hoping our UK bretheren/sisters might be very familiar with Mohair, but input from anyone who has had more exposure to their music, (like in LA), than I is appreciated. Their website doesn't offer much. CDNOW and Amazon don't have any CD's........yet.

    I've only heard one song by Mohair, "Octopus Chunks." It was refreshing to hear a polished, down-to-earth, band who have paid some dues and have an ear for songwriting, (IMO, of course).

    My question - Would you call that song representative of their other work???

    If so, I would make it a point to hear them when they do their US tour this summer, (lugging a Hammond B-3 around, ouch! ).

    Any opinions on/knowledge about them, such as, how they are going over in the UK, what they're like live, is appreciated.

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    I'll give it a bump since England isn't playing for several days in the World Cup.