Mohini Dey in Bass Player Cover

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    This is a great article on Mohini Dey. She is very much a musician of the YouTube era. She is the first South Asian bassist I know of who became famous in the West without moving to America or Europe. I also just enjoyed how she came across as just a normal young lady (lots of references to her boyfriend/manager) who just happens to be one of the greatest bass guitarists on Earth. Having seen her grow up online, it’s like seeing your niece or daughter make it big.
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  2. Read the article and viewed snippets of video

    Amazing intelligent bassist with strong work ethic well deserving of kudos.

    Not a huge fan of that style.

    I hope some day she slows it down a bit and plays some passionate rather than fast passages or perhaps some fretless would be interesting .
  3. As I was trained on string bass by Jane Little... I have witnessed an astonishing petite female bass player in early 70s who could play upright And bowed from end of fingerboard to low F ....all with full vibrato so gender and size are irrelevant
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  4. Adding:

    Mrs Little was under 5 ft and played 7/& symphonic basses !
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    And age too, apparently. That sounds pretty impressive for a small woman in her 70's.