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Molotov concert review

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by mcbassdude, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Saw MOLOTOV last night at HOB San Diego.
    First off I had no idea they have two bassist's in the band. What a nice suprise.
    The line up is Guitar, drums and two bass players.
    For those of you who don't know who they are, they are a Mexican band in the vein of RHCP and RATM but with a sense of humor.
    They kicked ass and had the crowd whipped into a frenzy I haven't seen in a very long time. I had to stay off the floor as it was just too wild for my old bones. So I watched the show from the balconey.
    One of the bassists (I do not know their names) used an ampeg rig 8x10 and ampeg head and a Thunderbird bass. The other guy used a Hartke rig 2 4x10's and Hartke amp and a Les Paul bass. They both had a number of pedals but I'm not sure what they were. Both were 4 stringers.
    The sound was thunderous and the grooves were awesome. The drummer and bassists switched around for a few tunes and one of the bassists played guitar on a few tunes.
    They opened the show with their version of Rock me Amadeus. Killer RATM type groove and the drummer raps his ass off. Being the only white boy in the band he is known as the crazy gringo and raps a tune of the same name. They plowed thru 2 hours of their material and closed with their signature tune Puto which sent the crowd wild.
    The drummer was spectacular and banged hard and grooved at all times. The two bassists blended real nice and the two tones complimented each other quite well. The t-bird had a warmer sound while the Les Paul had a grittier metal sound w/distortion.
    They played really well and delivered the tunes like the recordings only bigger and badder.
    If you haven't heard these guy's check them out. I don't speak spanish but it didn't matter as the music kicks major nacha. I believe they won a Latin Grammy last year, at least nominated.
    The highlight tunes for me were Amadeus, Here we Kum, Chinga Tu Madre, Puto and Frijolero. (yes I speak enuff spanish to know what these titles mean :) )
    They also did a tune that riffed ZZ Tops La Grange and was just huge.
    The only song they didn't do that I was hoping for is their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Next time hopefully.
    If you like RATM and RHCP type music make a point and see these guy's live. Simply Awesome!
  2. thats cool, i've been a casual molotov fan for a few years, i'd go see them if they'd ever come to duluth
  3. Here is the bass equipment they used
    Miky used
    Gibson Les Paul Bass Guitar
    Marshall ST 400 amp, 2x Marshall (4x 12") cabinets
    Boss Compressor, Boss Bass Synthesizer, Boss Octave II, Red Distortion
    Monster Cables
    DR Strings
    Turtle wax .73mm picks
    Shure microphones
    He was using Hartke amps the night I saw him
    Paco uses
    Ashdown amps
    Ampeg (8x 10") cabinet
    Gibson Thunderbird Bass, Fender & Music Man
    Shure microphones