Mom got into minor traffic accident.

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  1. So today my mom was backing out of her parking spot and she hit a car behind her and barely made a scratch. The other woman got mad and all that goes with it and wanted $800 to get it fixed and blah blah blah. I gave her some cash, no police report was filed, got everything recorded with my phone she went her way but the thing that got me was that she took a pic of my moms plate. Can she contact her insurance and make a claim and file a report later on? What should I do?
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    Yes. Yes she can.
  3. bluesblaster


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    If she was willing to settle, than you exchange information (name,phone #, license plate # etc.) have her get at least two estimates before you write the check for repairs, I suppose she could still file but then her rates go up too, really not worth it for these minor fender scrapes, thats why folks will generally work something out without getting the cops or insurance involved.
  4. I gave her some cash, it was nothing crazy then she just drove away...we didn't exchange insurance or called the cops other than she taking a pic of the plate #. It was just paint that could be wiped out really.
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    Yeah, you should have reported that.
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    Well, it's kind of late now. You gave cash out for free. No record of anything. It's ironic your username is Captain Chaos.

    Depending on your jurisdiction, a police officer might not even file an accident report if the damage was less than a certain amount. If your mom was drunk and stumbling around with a 3/4 empty bottle of liquor, then the pay off may have saved her thousands of dollars. That was a joke.
    Usually, it would be good to exchange insurance information. Get her license plate info. You never know. She may not have been insured (probably was though). Because in that case, you might not need to be so quick to hand out free money. Have the insurance companies settle it. Your insurance company may have said the damage could be repaired at a body shop for cheap, i.e. buff out if there was some actual scratch damage rather than paint.
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    Unfortunately, you're hanging out a mile. NEVER leave the scene of something like that without getting the other driver's info - even though that would not have prevented them from taking action later. All you can do now is cross your fingers and hope it's over with.
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    'round some parts, someone might claim some sort of injury and make a claim for that. 'round some parts, the statute of limitations for a civil action like that is 2 years. don't ask me how i know about that being the way 'round some parts.
  9. Yup always call a cop you need a report and take pictures of both cars damaged or not. Not everyone is dishonest, but you can be blindsided by the person who says oh it was nothing takes your plate number gets home and beats their car with a sledgehammer and says you drove off. Been there and had it happen!
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    Indeed. This could end up costing you a whole lot more than $800.
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    Note that I'm not a lawyer. The OP could always file an accident report first. I know that my locale has a self-reporting process. At the very least, it would be a chance to report that the other driver suffered no injuries.

    It could be the other driver was in a hurry to get outa there because of problems with their license, registration, insurance, being on Americas Most Wanted list, etc.
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    My daughter once tapped the rear bumper of a pickup carrying three young hispanic men. She and they got out and were discussing a cash settlement, and she called me on the cell phone. I told her OK for the cash amount mentioned (just a couple hundred bucks), but ONLY if she got their driver's license numbers, ID and any insurance information. When she insisted on that, they quickly decided there was no damage, got back in their truck and drove away. The astute student will conclude why they didn't want to share any information.

    Just another little life experience.
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    Always call the cops and file a report if there is damage. It sucks, but it's the only way to cover your ass.