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MoMark MarkBass Club

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by StereoPlayer, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Bumping this (almost zombie) thread to ask if anyone has ever owned/used or seen in real life a MVVL-HE module? It was the last HE module to be released and seems to be rarer than a unicorn.
  2. I've spent a few hours comparing my three high end modules with their standard versions in both the 500 watt class AB and 800 watt class D frames.
    To isolate the performance of the preamp modules I used the EQ0 EQ module. My conclusion here was that the HE modules seemed to have a (very) slightly higher gain compared to the standards. The HE modules seemed to have a slightly clearer tone but this might be due to the perceived higher gain.
    The solid state preamp module paired with the class D frame was a bit too hard sounding and the tube preamp module paired with the class AB frame sounds a bit too soft for me (I'm sounding like Goldilocks!).
    The best balance came with the HE tube preamp in the class D frame and the HE solid state preamp in the class AB frame.
    Although the EQ 44S HE has the extra control of the high and low frequencies, the standard EQ 42S has the low and high frequency points just right for me.
    The 7 band graphic EQ module is great but almost always ends up being set flat although the 40Hz slider did work well as a sub bass cut when I used the amp as a PA for last summer's covid 19 lockdown parties.
    In conclusion, I think the HE modules are a marginal improvement over the standard versions but this could also be my imagination working. The tube preamp definitely worked better with the class D frame whilst the solid state preamp works better in the class AB frame.
  3. Amp Lego. :wideyed:
  4. Absolutely and I love it because this system allows you to select the amp's tonal character and feature set like nothing else before or since. I can also see why it wasn't a commercial success; the R&D, tooling and no real scope for economies of scale in manufacturing sealed its fate. However these are great amps (if you like Markbass) and can be found for a fraction of their original price now.
  5. I'm glad this zombie thread bumped because I'm looking for modules!
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  6. Keep looking. I’ve sold all my MoMark stuff. The founding member. I loved the stuff but I moved on. Cool concept! Too bad MarkBass didn’t continue with it.
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  7. What did you move on to? The class AB Markbass heads produced before 2012 are my go to for lightweight gigs.
  8. Gk, 2 mb-200’s
    All my basses are stereo. I DO like the MoMark heads I had. But I’m not playing out anymore and went this route.
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  9. Congratulations on a really nifty set up there D.J.
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  10. Thanks for the kind words. I reallydid like my MoMarks. I just decided to simplify my rig and downsize l. Post your set up here from time to time.
  11. I'm an early Markbass fan almost to the point of obsession. The first time I plugged into a LM2 at local blues jam night I was hooked. I'm equally enthusiastic about Series 6 Trace Elliot but somehow I've accumulated a shed load of Markbass heads (all class AB other than one 800 watt MoMark frame). I'm going post in the Markbass thread to see if I'm the world champion collector. :wacky:
    Oh, and I've kept two SA450s for a stereo rig.
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  12. I'd like to think I was the world collector of momark. I had so many modules I had to get another amp frame.. you know, obsessed.
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