SOLD Momose Special Jazz Bass quartersawn neck+board yass!

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    Jan 22, 2006
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    My last Jazz up for sale. I couldn’t NOT buy this bass at this kind of price, it has everything I lurv in a passive Jazz Bass. I know it looks like a Skyline but it’s neck and neck (ha!) with a US Lakland - the jeweler like fretwork and nut, choice woods, quarter sawn neck AND board, and all handmade to boot, no CNC. In Japan. By the guy who founded Deviser, name of Momose (moe moe say).

    Other things I like about this bass include the series/parallel pull switch on the tone pot and the Momose single coil pickups. These are very 70’s to me, meaning upfront but without the added slap tone focus. Don’t get me wrong, I tried flats but it really shines wearing rounds which are back on!

    Clear gloss lacquer finish on the body and matte for both sides of the neck. Premium Gotoh tuners and chrome plated brass bridge. Other than the unavoidable pickgaurd wear there is nothing to see here. Low miles. Well below 9lbs. It will ship in a real nice SKB hard foam chainsaw style case. Buyer pays to ship, price is firm.

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    Great deal!
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    Very cool. I just drove through your 'hood too, kinda, on Hwy 151. I should buy a bass on my way next time lol :)
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    Jan 22, 2006
    You didn’t see my billboard?
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    Jan 22, 2006
    We be pretty much sold here
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    Jan 22, 2006
    She’s gone!
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    May 5, 2004