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Money Well Spent???? Bart and SD upgrades galore

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by tufnuts, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. Hi all, after coming into a little money (Read : Little means little) I decided that I should either buy a new bass...or upgrade my rig.

    I have 5 basses already, so upgrades won.

    The Carvin BB-70F needed a new preamp (Origional was Poo). So in went Bart 9J1 P/U's and a 5.2 AP (5 knob, Active/Passive operation). Smmmooooth. Installation was CAKE. Lengthened the wire that powers up the preamp...only thing needing mods. Soldered P/U's to blend knob. Tighten screws. Install knobs. Play bass and wonder why I didn't do this 2 years ago (When I knew the construction was great the electronic sucked) when I bought it. The preamp centers are just damn perfect, and has switchable mids....super deal. Even in passive the sucker just begs to be played with your heart. Preamp just uses the following equation:

    (Splendid + Gain) * Mid Switch * Bass/Mid/Treble adjustment = Signal

    It's the big baller it's always wanted to be. I can't put the dang thing down nearly. Lovely sound. Carvin needs to sell bart packages in their basses. They wouldn't be able to build enough of em.

    The second was the Basslines STC-3p preamp in the Tobias Toby Pro-5. Added a mid adjustment to the bass, put in better quality preamp than bass came with. Problem, if you allow the blend pot to touch the conductive paint, then the bass has almost no output. Insulate the knob from the paint, then bass hums like nobody's business when you touch the blend knob. Will just take some phone time w/ SD, I'll get it knocked out...no prob. But I guarentee the preamp is a winner. It's the rampaging beast this thing needs. Slap contour + adjustable mid and bass for that slap contour. Very neatly done system (Bart was kinda...well..old world craftsmanship). Just needs some brain power thrown at it. All in all, I'll wind up w/ a bass that fits my playing style perfectly...plus BALLS. That SD preamp is just *this* close to being over the top sometimes.

    I dig that. Bring it to the breaking point, then balance it there. Destruction breeds invention breeds dynamics breeds easy touch breeds rabbits.

    Boo Yah. It's tricky to rock a rhyme.
  2. It's something in the water, isn't it?

  3. I think it was something in the coronas I had that night. I was wound up tighter than thong underwear 2 sizes to small on a fat woman bending over.

    I guess there's water in corona.

    But that bart preamp is still perfect. Everyone get 2
  4. where'd you get the pre-amps and what was ballpark on the damage at the end of everything?

    btw - that corona bottlecap in the cavity of the toby may be the cause of the hum.....:D

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