Monk Notes

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  1. Some of you may have seen this before. It is so classic. These are notes that Monk scratched out regarding when to play, what to play, how to dress, how to act ect. I'm sure some of the most informed among us can add detail as to when and to whom these notes were addressed.

    Enjoy! Click on the picture to enlarge and read!:D
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    That's beautiful Trey! A lot of wisdom there, not all of it musical in nature.

    The guy was the Yogi Berra of jazz. :)
  3. I love the

    'They tried to make me hate white people but some would always come along and spoil it'

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    Those Monk notes were beautiful. "Some Music is just imagined".
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    sorry for being pedantic, but those are Steve Lacy's notes of things Monk said to him.
  6. As I said when I posted these notes , I'm sure some of the most informed among us will shed more light on these note. Thanks

    As long as no one has to be the hippest guy in the room,( and your post did not come off with that kind of attitude) it's all good!