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  1. since the partridges came up again on, i have to ask...

    exactly what kind of basses was peter tork of the monkees using on the tv series. i know they were _gretsch_, and at least during the first season he was using a standard hollow-body model of some sort, some unusual solid-body during the second season, and a fender p-bass on some of the pics i've seen of the "headquarters" sessions... but that's about it. any input?

    p.s. davy was using a custom-made 3/4-size gretsch bass live when the band played live (original four-piece with no onstage or offstage help), not any of the three-piece tours since '86) while peter played keyboards, that's about all i do know!

  2. Well, it was quite awhile ago but I seem to remember Peter Tork playing one of those Vox Teardrop basses on some of the TV shows.

    I could be completely out to lunch on this though.
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    You were right with your first guess of Gretsch. I think that the show was actually sponsored by Gretsch, or rather that the guys had endorsement deals with the company, as Mike actually had a signature of the few signature models at that time. I'm not sure if Peter's bass was also a signature "Peter Tork" model, but I'm pretty sure that they were instruments created for the show.
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  6. well, i'm only guessing that the bass peter is playing in second season episodes and in "head" is a custom-made bass... don't know if it's a gretsch or not. it could me.

    side note: mike nesmith was playing a white gibson sg (!) from 1967 on live and in the studio (see the covers of _live 1967_ and _the monkees present_), so i am guessing that he wasn't completely enthralled with the gretsches.

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    Peter played a Guild Jetstar once they got on the road. Davy would use it from time to time as well. Pay close attention if you ever see the Pleasant Valley Sunday video.
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    John is right about the Gretsch with the inline head - I have an old Monkees book for guitar and that is the bass that you see in some of the pictures. Also, Mickey's drums were Gretsch so JPJ is probably right about some sort of Gretsch sponsorship or endorsement deal.
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    Gretsch had the first line of gear used on the set but Nesmith had Guild on his mind and, as one person pointed out, Tork liked his Fender and a Framus. Gretsch made a model named after him so he would play the Gretsch but Micheal stuck to his Starfire and (help me here) 335? That was too big to be an SG. I think the Guild was a Starfire 6. Lotta years ago so I really don't remember about the Gibson.
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    Peter Tork's bass was a Gretsch 6073, which had the Chet Atkins Tennessean single-cutaway hollow body with fake f-holes, 2 pickups and a 29" scale neck with the tuners on the left side, a la Fender. Later Gretsch built him a solidbody based on the 6031 Jetfire Bird solid electric guitar, which was like a symmetrical 2-cutaway LP with a red top and black sides & back, again w the 29" scale.