SOLD Mono Bass Sleeve Ash Gray in Chicagoland

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  1. Fred312b

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    Apr 23, 2002
    Chicago, IL
    Not interested in shipping at this time, hoping for a local Chicago area deal.

    Mono Bass Sleeve- excellent condition, only out of the house a few times, never around any smoking or pets. No rips or tears, never in the rain or bad weather. Asking $120. I can do Paypal, venmo or cash. ONLY trade I would consoder is for an Undercover bass bag in excellent condition or one of the grey Roscoe bags that are similar.

    Spexs are here:
    Bass Sleeve™ (Ash)

    IMG_0362.JPG IMG_0363.JPG IMG_0364.JPG IMG_0365.JPG IMG_0366.JPG IMG_0367.JPG IMG_0368.JPG IMG_0369.JPG

    Any questions or want more pics, let me know. I'm on the NW side of Chicago, willing to drive some.
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