SOLD Mono M80 Dual Electric Bass Bag - Brand New!

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  1. bassbooty

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    Jul 4, 2006
    I have a Mono M80 Dual Electric Bass bag for sale. I purchased it brand new a few weeks ago, but decided I don’t really need a dual bass bag :laugh:. It hasn’t even left the house as I haven’t needed 2 basses on a gig yet and TBH it will be rare that I will ever need to take 2 basses on a gig. As such, I’m selling this brand new dual bag for the price of a single Mono M80 bag + SPLIT shipping. My loss is your gain. The reason for the SPLIT shipping is because the cost to ship it will be as much as shipping a bass due to size of the package and the “dimensional weight” charges that UPS & FedEx charge.

    Here’s a link to the bag on the Mono site:

    Dual Electric Bass

    I will post actual pics soon. In the meantime, please PM me if interested and I will get you a shipping quote to your ZIP Code. BTW, the closer you are to Utah, the cheaper the shipping will be. So the cheapest shipping would be west of Utah or bordering states east of Utah. Thanks for looking!

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  2. bassbooty

    bassbooty -Rey Supporting Member

    Jul 4, 2006
    Payment pending...
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