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  1. ok, i didn't want to lambaste Monster on a public forum until everything got settled, and i'm glad i didn't.

    i had a gig last friday, and my cable crapped out right before our set, the connection just broke. fortunately i had one more cable but that meant i couldn't use my sansamp so my tone was not great. of course, i was really pissed, and i fired off a complaint on a form on their website. they got back to me fairly quickly, and gave me a phone number to call.

    i called up, was not on hold for 30 seconds before i got to speak to a helpful guy (ruben) who informed me that there was a recall out on the cable i purchased, and they've now fixed the problem. he said he'd send a new one, and when i explained that i have a gig tomorrow (check the gig calendar!) he said he'd ship it out right away, even though i hadn't sent my defective one back yet.

    i just got it today, it's in perfect working order. i was originally leery of the lifetime guarantee thing, so this is just to let people know that monster does stand behind their products.
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    Mar 18, 2000
    I have heard good things about the Monster cable lifetime warranty too. My roommate had a problem with his M.C. and he took it back to Guitar Center with no receipt and they gave him a new one on the spot. No static.
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    Jun 20, 2001
    ive heard lots of good things about MC's. i guess it just goes to show that it pays to spend a bit more and get the product for the qualitly NOT for the dirt cheap price. im hoping to add MCs to my setup soon.
  4. oops, forgot: if you have a Monster cable, unscrew the, um, things that you can unscrew, whatever they're called, and slide them down. on the new ones, there's a piece of rubber that's sort of shrink-wrapped around the connection from the wire to the jack. on the old, defective ones, there's just a piece of plastic that you can slide around until the connection is clearly exposed. if you have the latter, contact Monster about getting it replaced. better to nip it in the bud.
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    Sep 27, 2000
    cool I had monster cable, until the sound man mad me some :)