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Monster in the works...need ALL input.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Mo'Phat, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. Hey everybody. I just recently built a pedalboard that's roughly 575 sq. inches of space, and on a good day can hold about 12 pedals. Here's my dilemma, I have about 18 pedals, and I like them all for different reasons. I can't have it all, so I must sacrifice. I'd love to whittle the total to 10, leaving me with plenty of tonal trickery and variation.

    I also have some rack crap that I can use in lieu of pedals to free up space, but I'm just not sure of the order and routing of everything.

    Help me out, Oh Geniuses of TB.

    Samson Airline Bass Wireless (pedal receiver)
    Dunlop 105Q Bass Wah
    Boss Tu-2 pedal tuner
    Boss LMB-3 Bass Limiter
    Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
    Boss BF-3 Flanger
    Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive (don't like this)
    MXR Phase 90 (block logo)
    Ibanez SB-7 Bass Synth
    Digitech XBW - Bass Synth/Wah
    EBS BassIQ
    Emma Discumbobulator (I love the quack this gives)
    Danelectro Dan-Echo delay
    Loooper (1-loop w/ blend)

    ....yes, I use and love all those filters.

    Pedals out of the rotation for now:
    Digitech XP-100 Whammy/Wah
    Boss TR-2 Tremolo
    Electro Harmonix Q-Tron (with a twitchy button)
    Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter (loaned to guitarist right now)

    Rack Alternatives:
    Carvin U7000-GT UHF Wireless
    Presonus Comp16 Compressor (would like to use this in the loop, if possible)
    BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer

    Any suggestions on order/deletions/substitutions/etc. will be considered. If you see something that's crap, let me know.

    Thanks. :help:
  2. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  3. Heckxx


    Nov 2, 2004
    Libertyville, IL
    Well aren't the Ibanez bass synth and the Digitech bass synth similar? Plus u said u dont like the ODB-3, so why put it on there if u dont like it? I personally love my ODB-3, heh. If your really running out of space, you could always take out the tuner too (depending on how often u use it i guess)
  4. Re: Ibanez Synth is completely different than the Digitech. I use Digitech's #7 setting which is a great low octave setting with a cool laser sound added. The Ibanez is more of a fuzz filter thing that I love, so the sounds are entirely dissimilar. re: ODB-3: I have the ODB-3 because I need/want an overdrive, and I was hooked on Flea when I got it...maybe it needs to be replaced or ditched? re: Tuner: I generally tune a few times/set, plus I use it as a bridge to daisy chain my effects.
  5. yeah...I know. I can't help myself. I'd welcome and intervention where all my friends and family sit me down, throw all my pedals on a table and yell at me for 6 hours.
  6. I say the more the better.

    If any of those are one trick ponys tho, or could be approximated with another that you use more, then do that.

    I second 86-ing the ODB3. I loathe them.
    I would sub the Whammy for the synth & XBW, as it can prolly approximate them both adequately...

    I like modulation effects (chorus/flanger) AFTER overdrive/clipping effects. I like wahs early in the chain.

    EQ pre or post, dependent on how they make the other pedals react...

    Does the looper do delay? Does it negate the Dano?
  7. Ditto!

    The Loooper is a true-bypass loop pedal.
  8. NV43345


    Apr 1, 2003
    WOW!!!!!! Your Gonna need a bigger piece of board. :D
  9. Yeah...but it's in a case, so I'm stuck.

    I'm thinking about replacing the Wah, Tuner and Digitech Synth with the Whammy Wah, figuring out another way to daisy chain my effects, and using my rack wireless...hmmm...

    Wake up Talkbass! Need more info!
  10. johnvice


    Sep 7, 2004
  11. Yeah, do a case thing where the lid holds half, and the bottom holds half...do a seperatable piano hinge, and you don't even have to disconnect the board's cables....

    THAT would be kinda trick. v:O)
  12. TaySte_2000


    Jun 23, 2001
    Manchester, UK
    Endorsing Artist: Mojohand, Subdecay, Overwater, Matamp
    Get rid of that LMB-3 i've got one and I think it's the worst thing you've listed there. All so with all those filters and that 105q I think the Q-tron is redundant. Also get rid of the odb-3.

    Just my thoughts

    Or get a bigger board or two.
  13. (pssst: I don't even have the LMB-3 yet...I bought it from Mud Flaps this week and it's going to be shipped. I'm a 'buy it first' guy, which is my downfall.)

    Let me run this by everybody:

    Rackmounted Wireless
    Whammy/Wah (with tuner built-in)
    Dry Out to Mesa 400+ Channel 2 input
    Effect Out to Loooper in
    Loooper send
    Ibanez SB-7
    EBS BassIQ
    Digitech BSW
    Emma Discumbobulator
    MXR Phase 90
    Boss CE-5 Chorus
    Boss BF-3 Flanger
    Dan Echo
    Loooper return
    Loooper out to Mesa 400+ Channel 1 input

    FX Loop Send
    BBE Sonic Max
    Presonus Comp16
    FX Loop Return.

    Think it'll work? or sound like dog butt!

    ---things put in closet: Q-tron, ODB-3, LMB-3 ( :meh: ), 105Q Wah, TU-2 tuner, Tremolo...
  14. Looper at the end. Not the beginning...why? Because analog delays and stuff that you can tweak and sweep sound excellent when using degrading, heavily processed signals....

    That get all gnarly sounding...
  15. My board's already too firken big. I'd like to get everything I want in 1 pedal, but everything out there is a compromise. Maybe I should just become an electronics genius and re-house all my effects into one steel box. That would be trick.

  16. Hey, MOn! The Loooper is only a bypass pedal. No delay, no 'looping', no echo or anything. It's meant to be a switchable effects loop so you can remove all the tone-sucking pedals from between your guitar and amp.

  17. geez man... you need more legs and feet to use those!!! hah. no go on the ODB-3? that's actually the only pedal i have left! no more bassballs, no more Bass Compactor, no more Bass Driver DI ( :bawl: )....

    what about the ODB-3 don't you like? I personally want to get another one so i can have a dirty, low-endy, fuzz boost and one set cleaner with more high end gritty boost. call me sick and disturbed, but everyone else does anyway.. :D
  18. Oooops, sorry man... I think Looper, I think sampler.

    Sorry 'bout that. Yeah, what he said. :) I guess I didn't get it the first ime you remarked...

    To that tho, get a cool sampler / looper. AND USE THE WHAMMY PEDAL! :D I love those things...I want a 1st gen. I heard thems was the cool ones.
  19. I think Overdrive/Distortion and I just don't understand each other. Maybe it's the settings I have, maybe it's where it is in the chain, but it just sounds too 'tinfoil' like to my ears. Just too...I don't know.

    I'll probably fiddle with it this weekend.
  20. one thing that worked for me was to back off the gain and the distortion. then fiddle with the EQ and you'll get a more usable sound. i thought that putting overdrive/gain on "10" meant "distorted fat boost", but it really kinda sucks. I back off both those and boost the low or high EQ. once i get the levels close, then i add gain/distortion if necessary.. keep me posted. i dig mine!