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Mooer Flex Boost or Pure Boost?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Billy Backbeat, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Billy Backbeat

    Billy Backbeat

    Jan 14, 2011
    Has anyone tried them with bass? Any bass cut? Close to the RC/AC Booster that they are modeled after?

    I have tried to search but not much specifics has turned up...

    I'm looking for a small, inexpensive boost/OD with a little tone shaping capabilities. (If I wasn't on a student budget I would get a RC Booster, bass version or the white one but my Masters Degree is too far away:spit:)

    My Pedaltrain Jr serves double duty and is packed with a comp, Hotcake, M5 (mostly for delays/reverbs and the odd synth sounds), Digidelay, Trelicopter, tuner and a footswitch for my AC15. So there isn't much room left...

    The Hotcake sounds pretty good for bass as well but I'm not really fond of the "edge of breakup", which is what I'm looking for. MIM Jazz (modded with series/parallell switch) into a GK MB200 so no OD from the amp =). And no, I'm not gonna buy another amp right now.
  2. crapusername


    Sep 26, 2005
    North Kent.UK
    endorsing artist: Dean guitars, Marshall , Rotosound strings
    I tried the pure boost. It was really nice, but didn't seem to add too much grit. It seems to be more of a clean boost with eq.
    The eq was really good though- it could really add clarity in both ends of the tone. It's on my maybe list ;)
  3. FWIW: The Mooer Pure Boost is on my list of tiny 1590a size boxes to checkout too.
  4. MikroKev


    Dec 27, 2013
    I have the Mooer Flex Boost, and it's a cracking little pedal for the price. Very smooth, warm, low gain overdrive. Nice progressive controls - it's very easy to get the sound you want from it, not like some where the biting point for your 'edge of breakup' is too sharp.

    I've never had the Xotic AC to compare it to, but I bought it on the back of good reviews, and iirc one was an A/B comparison with the AC. Basically they concluded that you get something almost as good as the original for under half the price.

    Low end loss? A bit but it's minimal by comparison with many mid-heavy others, and having separate Bass and Treble EQ let's you compensate.

    It got displaced from my main bass board by the more expensive [sfx] micro Red Dragon, which I'd recommend over the Flex Boost if you have the money. (I still have the mooer - it's now on my board for a semi-acoustic guitar, and as back-up).
  5. Billy Backbeat

    Billy Backbeat

    Jan 14, 2011
    Thanks for everyones input!
    So, the Pure Boost won't provide me with another kind of OD, seems reasonable. The EQ and boost would come in handy though if a used one pops up.

    MicroKev, that sounds like something I'm looking for.
    How clean can the Flex Boost go? Will there always be some hair on the notes even with passive pickups?

  6. FWIW: I picked up a little nano size Xotic EP Booster yesterday - and its super nice, very clean - oh and my basses are passive too.
  7. MikroKev


    Dec 27, 2013
    I'd never really done a "how pure can it go" test - I wanted it for gentle drive warmth. Anyway I hooked it up earlier today turned the gain down to min, cranking the volume up for boost. And yes, it can do clean. (Passive SS bass - Ibanez Mikro, Chrome Flats).
  8. Billy Backbeat

    Billy Backbeat

    Jan 14, 2011
    Darn. Now I have to buy one.

  9. manchild


    Jan 30, 2008
    Does anyone know the HZ frequency of the treble/bass on these pedals and how wide the bandwidth is? Thanks.
  10. Mosfed


    Apr 21, 2013
    Mont Blanc
    Partner - CCP Pedals
    That's the one that I drool over. The gain section in the original echoplex was absolutely legendary.
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  11. BazzTard

    BazzTard Banned

    I love my Pure Boost, as others have said, it is very clean so probably not what you're after.

    Great pedals though,I also have their Baby Tuner,Yellow Comp and Graphic Bass Eq and an aluminum roadcase / pedalboard.