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SOLD Mooer Tender Octaver MKII Octave Pedal w/Box - Mint

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by tlite, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. tlite

    tlite Supporting Member

    Aug 18, 2016
    Mint condition. Used briefly at a smoke and pet free home. Comes with box, manual, and pedal.

    Price includes shipping to continental USA. Cash App (by Square) or Paypal is fine.

    Maybe a decent isolated power supply, Russian Style Fuzz Pedal? Open to other ideas, let me know what you're thinking.


    Tender Octaver MKⅡ

    Due to huge demand and a mass of enquiries from musicians across the globe, the Tender Octaver micro pedal from MOOER is back!!! The Tender Octaver mkII has retained the simplistic controls and tiny form factor that was so popular with it’s predecessor, plus some very special updates.

    Armed with 3 brand new algorithms and a true analog dry through signal, the Tender Octave MkII is sure to provide all your octave harmony needs. A very unique little polyphonic octave pedal with endless tonal possibilities.

    The FAT algorithm contains a huge bassy lower octave that can shake the walls and a soft toned upper voicing, for a very natural feeling upper octave shimmer. Fat riffs and simulated bass guitar really shine in this mode.

    The TIGHT algorithm has a more focused lower octave with a higher, low eq cut off point and a sharper upper octave bite. Shredders, fusion players and organ hunters alike, will find sonic delight when flipping the switch into tight mode.

    SWELL mode provides automatic volume swelling of the harmony voices, providing a soft attack and lush release whilst the original dry signal remains completely untouched. Great for emulating a 12-string guitar or creating ambient chords and sound scapes.


    ·Independent SUB, UPPER and DRY controls to really get the pedal dialed in

    ·3 brand new algorithms instantly provide very different tones at the flip of a switch

    ·All analog dry through signal completely retains your original instrument in all its glory

    ·Micro Size and metal housing for the best in portability and road worthy construction

    ·True Bypass switching


    Input: 1/4” monaural jack (impedance: 2.2Meg Ohms)
    Output: 1/4” monaural jack (impedance: 560 Ohms)
    Power Requirements:AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug), recommended to use Mooer Micro Power
    Current Draw: 150 mA
    Dimensions: 93.5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H)
    Weight: 160g

    DSC_1776.jpg DSC_1777.jpg DSC_1778.jpg DSC_1779.jpg DSC_1780.jpg DSC_1781.jpg DSC_1782.jpg DSC_1785.jpg
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  2. Col E Loc

    Col E Loc

    Nov 8, 2009
    Brooklyn, NYC
    Trade interests?
  3. tlite

    tlite Supporting Member

    Aug 18, 2016
    Howdy- it's in there, but maybe hard to see. "Maybe a decent isolated power supply, Russian Style Fuzz Pedal? Open to other ideas, let me know what you're thinking." Thx!

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