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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by jasonbraatz, May 20, 2001.

  1. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    this thing is SO sweet!

    every knob can be controlled with an expression pedal if you want.

    the thing can go from kinda crazy to spaced out crazy to wet your pants crazy.

    still need to mess with it some more, but damn, it's FUN!!!!

  2. What kind of Moogerfooger? Moogerfooger is the brand. I know their 12-step phaser is really awesome. I don't typically like phasers, but this one's really cool. I've never put it on bass (it's not mine). For one show with just drum and bass we miced the drums and put it through a BOSS delay pedal and the Moogerfooger phaser. It sounded really good. Kind of spacey/dreamy.
  3. bumpcity


    May 12, 2001
    I think you are talking about this pedal. I played one, and had the same reaction. The most expressive effect in pedal I have EVER heard. You can do anything with it. A year ago I bougt a Qtron, and I am kicking myself after hearing the Moog. I mean, the Moog is cool, I also like the Qtron, *cough* ehem, does anybody want to buy a used Qtron?...I have hardly used it!
  4. rubber chicken

    rubber chicken Guest

    Apr 7, 2001
    what the hell are you guys talking about? what's a qtron? what's a moogerfooger? i am very confused!

  5. Moogerfooger is a brand of effects made by the Big Brair company and licensed or desinged by or something by Moog. I don't know the details. The Moog company was started by Bob Moog and was very revolutionary in the field of music electronics. They created many innovative analog synthesizers and greatly contributed to the Theremin, among other things.
  6. bumpcity


    May 12, 2001
    The Qtron is an effects pedal made by electro-harmonix. Its like an automatic wah-wah pedal where the effect is triggered by the attack of the note you hit. Bootsy Collins makes good use of it, as does Flea.
  7. Can any of you guys give more descriptions of the MF and the use of the expresion pedals.

    Heavy price tag on this one and it would be great to get more info from a player rather than a web sites review.
  8. bumpcity


    May 12, 2001
    As was mentioned, moogerfooger is a brand, not a particular model. The one I am talking about is the
    MF-101 Lowpass Filter. The basic sound of a lowpass is a wahwah pedal, but it does the "rocking" of the pedal for you based on volume and attack of the input you feed it. Think of the old funky 70's clavinet sounds on keyboard like Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock used, and John Medeski more recently has brought it back. I mentioned some bass players earlier (Boosty, Flea).

    I has 4 controls, I can't remeber that clearly, but I think they were envelope, cutoff, gain...somthing else? maybe frequency? Freq. was for where the filter should sweep, cutoff controlled the length of the sweep (think of saying the word "wow" really quickly, versus stretching it out for about 1.5 seconds). The gain, was well, just a volume.

    In terms of describing its sound, there was really nothing new about it, its just the same old low pass effect. BUT, it does it SOOOO much better, and more expressively than any other one out there (I have tried everyone that I have ever heard of). The only way I can really try to descibe this is with an analogy. Ever driven a really fine car? Like a mercedes? You know how you drive an inexpensive car, its cool, because it gets you where you are going. Then you get behind the wheel of a luxury car, and it accelerates so quickly, without the enigine ever roaring, and it turns oh so smoothly, you feel like you could make a u-turn in your living room? And then you you drive home in your escort and your like, "damn...should've kept taking the bus until I had enough saved for that car!" That's like playing the MF-101. The others will get the job done, but NONE of them can touch the expresiveness, clarity, and fine controls that this one has. Most of the others I have played are pretty noisy, but not this one. I didn't get to play with the expression pedals, but it has 4 jacks, one for each knob, so that you can change ANY parameter in real time if you want. You can even use it to drive another effect (In other words, you can use the MF 101 ITSELF as an expression pedal to generate the attack driven voltage swell for say, a volume pedal, or a vocoder).

    IMHO, It blows away the nearest competitor...which I consider to be the Qtron, made by electoharmonix, which is an up to date version of the mutron, made famous by the members of pfunk, and others in the 70's. But don't take my word for it, play it yourself if you're interested. Try to A/B with another similar effect in the store, and you'll know what I'm talking about. Hope this is more descriptive....
  9. Bootsy used the Mutron didn't he? And I think Flea uses the DoD Fx25b and/or the Boss AutoWah. I could be wrong.
  10. bumpcity


    May 12, 2001
    I think you are right about the mutron. As far as Flea's sound, I have played the Boss Auto wah, and I wasn't digging it at all. Like I said about the Qtron, it was kind of the same way...worked well for a guitar, but the effect didn't come out very strong with a bass. I haven't played the DoD Fx25b...anybody else play it?
  11. JohnP


    Jun 9, 2001
    Endorsing Artist: Rick Turner Guitars, DTAR, Seymour Duncan,
    Please read the post from a few days ago where a guy was asking about ev filters. After doing a test on a lot of these over a years time (actually over 25 years as i have been playing that long, but these were the newer ones too)..i came up with those VERY BIASED results..though I tried to qualify them as best I could.

    As far as the DOD fx 25 -YES sir, IF you like a deep low bass..but not if you want the Mutron "clack" fahnk noise..2 different sounds. and look for the older green 2 knob one..unless the vintage pedal pimps start gouging, they are about $25..

    I had a mooger for a while.. it is really nice and deep sounding..but it was too clean for me..and yes i did screw around with the drive control too..it just didn't give up the sauce..the funk... the thang. .If you don't have the $$ for one..and btw, plan on spending AT LEAST another $50-$100 for two exp pedals..take a good look at the Frostwave Funk-a-duck..handmade boutique level analog ev filter pedal from a very cool guy in Australia..brand new @ around $150 or so..a real steal.

    If you want the mutron clack and can't afford a mutron, take a look at the new Guyatone bass rocker..sounds like a mutron V. but it's noisy. so was a mutron V.

    As I said in my little BIASED review though..all these pedals follow your playing dynamics, amp capability (very important as there are some serious lows coming out of these things) and bass setup..you HAVE to try them out, and more than the usual 20 minute GC demo..buy a few, find the one you like and send the rest back! make use of that GC 30 day no questions asked policy.

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