No longer available Moollon J Classic Fretless - Olympic White Jazz Bass

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    Feb 16, 2016
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    Custom Moollon J Classic Fretless 4 stringer. This one is custom because it has a very light relic job that was done at the request of the original owner when ordered. Also, this one has Charlie Davis J Bass pickups installed. These pickups are so woody and warm like a great, early 60's Jazz Bass should sound. In fact, this bass cops the Jaco tones perfectly. Also included are the original Moollon J Bass pickups, worth about $200 if ordered separately.

    The factory relic job is very light to knock the new gloss off the instrument (it gives a perfectly played in feel to the bass). It has an ever so slightly bent G string tuner (just the lollipop part), which you can see in the picture below if you view it full screen. It functions perfectly fine, holds pitch perfectly like the others, and I've always just thought it was part of the relic job (as that's how it came to me and the prior owner didn't mention it). It's not bent much at all, but it's not dead straight like the other 3 tuners, and I don't want there to be any surprises.

    Currently wearing a balanced set of D'Addario Pro Steels to get that Jaco tone. This has the epoxied board, so while there are some extremely light marks on the epoxy from the steel strings, the board is in tremendous shape.

    This beauty was just recently set up here in Richmond, VA. Super low action that plays perfectly. Tons of growl and mwah, or can sound pretty much like a standard fretted jazz bass by playing it back towards the bridge.

    Comes with the factory Moollon case, which works perfectly, but the headstock side of the case bubbles out just a little. Again, it functions perfectly, but you can see in the picture below that both the top and bottom of the case pucker out just a little.

    It's a killer bass, but my dream bass is available, and I'm looking to move to 5 or 6 string fretless to expand the tonal palette. So no trades at this time, unless you have the perfect Bass BNF5 or BNF6, or Fodera 5 or 6 string fretless. If my dream bass gets sold, then I may pull this back down. I love this thing! $2100 shipped to CONUS.

    71C9E0CE-FC30-4958-BA03-13022CD046F1.jpeg 9D6B75AB-1E59-4E51-B31C-9EC5FE5D8FAA.jpeg EA74EE98-D31F-4290-91B4-E3F6A374A75A.jpeg 8CCDA318-FF05-4BED-BAF5-766DCD47FBE8.jpeg A634F8BE-0642-43F5-AA81-EA3BCD596952.jpeg img_0270-jpg.jpg

    Sound clip of the bass: The Beauty Within
    Forgive my attempt at Portrait of Tracy. This was posted within 1-2 days of getting this bass, my first fretless, and I was just learning it at the time, so I played it a bit slow in parts. It gives you an idea of how spot on this bass with these Charlie Davis pickups sounds though: portrait-of-tracy

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  2. guitarbrent


    Feb 16, 2016
    I'm probably going to just keep this sweet, sweet bass for now, but here's an unusual song setting for this bass, showing it's versatility:
    Moollon on Roundabout by Auto Wow

    Moollon J Classic Fretless-Darkglass HyperLuminal (Bus #3)-Darkglass Alpha Omega-1965 Ampeg B15N & Genzler Magellan 800. My interpretation. I used the parallel output off of the Alpha Omega to run the clean bass through the Ampeg.
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    This thing kicks so much ass. If it were a V, I would have grabbed it instantly.
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