SOLD Moon LG5 Larry Graham Signature 5-String Bass w/ video

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    Moon LG5 Custom Larry Graham Signature 5-String
    All Navy Blue.
    The bass was built in Jan. 2021

    Price Drop:
    Original $3999.00
    Now: $3250.00

    The beautiful Moon LG5 features an all-in-one maple neck finished in the body color with a urethane top coat. The neck action is low and the fretwork is excellent. The bass is a real joy to play!

    It has 2 Bartolini pickups with the Bartolini NTMB preamp with cut, notch & boost for punchy lows and crisp highs. The tone on this bass is funky and extremely versatile. The preamp allows for a variety of tones from muted Motown to bright slap, and everything in between.

    The bridge is the Hipshot Type-A Hi-Mass Brass with a chrome finish. This is a factory upgrade from the original Gotoh bridge. The Hipshot allows for adjustable string spacing.

    These basses are custom-order only and take 4-6 months to build and cost well over $4k with shipping and customs. This is a unique opportunity to own a very special, one-of-a-kind bass at a really great price, without the wait.

    Continental US Shipping
    No trades, please

    Here’s the specs:
    Body: Light Ash
    Neck/Fingerboard: Maple
    Scale: 34”
    Grip: Thin D
    Nut: Brass 47mm
    Bridge: Hipshot Type-A Brass
    Pickups: Bartolini Jazz
    Preamp: Bartolini NTMB 2 band
    Controls: Vol/Vol/Bass/Treble
    Tuners: Gotoh GB630 Resolite
    Case: Moon Std Gig Bag
    Weight: 9.7lb

    6E211C8F-F048-4D2D-936E-16917097F378.jpeg AFF79ADC-D744-47E6-9728-2D7DB6D52EA8.jpeg A6F0510B-2EB7-42DD-AB5F-51EDA0B22DE5.jpeg 2BB85940-8981-4474-B362-BEF020DBCFFE.jpeg 0AD0F944-C087-4489-B0D2-64800008E370.jpeg ED7D7E2A-0E3D-4FE5-B598-B42155A392B1.jpeg 864438D3-4A40-4567-AB42-B3037595F77B.jpeg D564754F-00C8-4769-A95A-4D4B29748A2B.jpeg 0C3322C8-E66F-4399-AED6-8898EE016977.jpeg
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    Wow. Sounds great!
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    Superb quality bass - and a great seller here! GLWTS
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