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More band bitching....

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by parrott, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. ...okay, this probably seems like a no-brainer, about one of my bands (I know, I'm lucky enough to have two bands, that some people like/respect). And I know you've probably seen more than enough of these before, but it feels good to get it out.

    One of them, though, just doesn't seem good at the moment. I'm putting in lots of time, organising rehersals, studio time (it's free at my college), demos, website, even gigs (though we've had to oull out of our latest one because the singer would rather sing with a choir at a school concert. More about that later.)

    Thing is, not one of them seems to put in any effort to try and do anything. They all seem content enough to let others do the work, and just let things happen - especially with gigs. I have talked to them about this, how I can't do everything, and I don't want to do everything.

    Ah, gigs - or sheer lack of them. All of us desperatly want gigs, yet only I'm prepared to go out and hand out our demo. Even though I live out in the sticks, and some of us live in the centre of the city! And this latest one, that we've had to pull out of. This has happened before, it being on the same night as one of the school concert. Last time, the school won, and we pulled out. This time, it's looking like the same again - even though we all know that he will be bored out of his skull, and that he isn't that important in that choir. So why?? Admittedly, it is school, but I met one of the teachers (by accident, it was in an off-licence...) and they said that something like a gig should come about the school concert, especially in our singers situation.

    And the website - one of us is doing a computing course at uni, he knows about things like that inside out, he even has the money to get a .com. But he hasn't yet, despite me going on and on and on at him about it. Even though he could do it for free, with the dial-up he uses (Freeserve, they offer free webspace... so why doesn't he use it?).

    And we don't even make music I particularily like.

    I guess the main things I'm annoyed at are their laziness, lack of dedication, and not having their priorities right, IMO. Thing is, I'm a music student, I'm looking to music as my future, and I think I'd prefer to be in a band (because there's no way I'm good enough to make it as a session dude.) So what I want from a band is one that's really professional, dedicated, that's really going to go somewhere. I think I'm only still in this one now because, when we do gig, I know for a fact that we sound better, and generally are better, than most of the other local bands. And they are my mates too.

    But why am I still in it?:meh:
  2. I hear you on the distance thing. I live an hour away from downtown while the rest of my band mates live in the center of the city.

    Well, just remember that if you're the only one hitting the pavement, you'll be the one making the business contacts (ie. booking agents, suppliers). If you join a different band, you'll still have those business contacts - your old bandmates will be stuck playing in the garage. It's their loss.
  3. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    Parrott, I've been in your situation and know how hard and frustrating it can be. You could try this ploy to see if it will fly. Tell the band members that as you are doing most of the work and management-type activities, that you deserve a bigger cut of pay at gigs. Insist on a double fee--one for your bass playing duites and another for your management/publicist duties. Let them know time is valuable. Either they help out more or pay you to do it all alone.

    There's one other thing in the situation that is troublesome. It has been my experience that unmotivated, uninvolved and lazy musicians usually don't last long. They drop out at the least excuse or hardship. Just look at the laziest, least co-operative one in your band. I doubt he'll last another six months, maybe not even three.
  4. Okay, at practise today I realised that there's nothing about this band that I like musically.

    I don't like the guitarists sound or style (even though he has no ego), I don't like the drumers style, I don't like the singers voice.

    I think it's not "should I quit?" but "when I quit".

    The only things I don't like is the possibility of losing the friendships (the guitarist more than any other) or having to start a band from scratch.

    Other wise, I think I'm gonna have to leave before this week is out.
  5. cjgallen


    Oct 19, 2001
    I'm in a similar situation. My one band is getting better every time we practice, and we've done a few recordings and so far I'm very happy with the results. We have two gigs in April and one in May, and another band asked us to tour with them :D

    But the other band is just lame. The drummer has one BORING beat he uses for all the songs, and he's constantly speeding up and slowing down :mad: and the guitar riffs are so cheesy that I sometimes bust out laughing :p. Plus after "practice" they all either A) get drunk, B) chain smoke, C) start hunting for someone who has weed :rolleyes:

    But the problem is, one guitarist is the same in both bands, so when he gives me a phone call and says "we have practice" I have no idea whether it's gonna be REAL practice, or an all out suck fest :spit:
  6. 8_finger

    8_finger Supporting Member

    Jun 1, 2002
    Silver Spring, MD
    Leave the band. In my current jazz trio we ditched the drummer. The drummer was 100% musitian and 15% human :
    - at gigs people were saying that our music is drum solos & intervals between drum solos
    - at practice he was hitting drums so hard that when he hat snare drum my ear drums felt like they've been shot at - and we're supposed to be quiet jazz band
    - as a person he is a kind of person you don't communicate with unless you really,really need to
    - and he talked to other people that guitarist and me were idiots behind our backs

    After we decided to fire him guitarist got a job offer, bought guitar he GAS-ed for 6 months. We got a drummer who is normal, not so good of a musitian but getting there. And as for me I got an invitations to play with really good pro band.

    parrott for the friendship part I think you shouldn't be worried. I stayed in very good relations with everyone in my ex bands (well exept for the evil jazz drummer).
  7. I have actually decided, I'm gonna leave that band.
    It's not "if" it's "when"..... and it's when I get some material finished for my next project.... a jazzy bass/female voice/female voice trio.

    I've played in a situation like that before, it was heaven, but nothing came of that particular one, so I'm going to try again....

  8. Okay, respectfully, I have quit that band.

    (just had a talk with guitarist, he's actually not too happy with that one [the situation] either, but I am defineltly out - woo!)

    Leaves me free to do what I want......

  9. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts

    One thing you will learn as you get older is that bands don't have to be soap operas, they only are when you let them be.

    Looking back at the bands I agonized over quitting years ago, I realize most of them sucked and most of the members aren't even playing music any more. So my instincts over what was a waste of time have been proven dead on with hindsight.

    Once you start working with professionals, you'll start seeing professional behavior.
  10. hey parrot! whenever you wanna do the jazz duo with the ladies, count me in, mkay?? :p :D
  11. Is that you asking for.........:D :p

    Mmmmmm two basses + two female voices..... that could be very good....:cool:
  12. Need poles! And flashy bikinis... mmm.. *loads kazaa..err.. :eek: :eek:
  13. In a jazz club...?

    No, not *that* kind of jazz club...... :eek: ;)
  14. aw shucks :meh:

    What about private shows?? :)
    **as in, us watching... the gills rehersing**
  15. That'd be different........ ;) :cool: