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  1. I can only echo what others have said - Bass Bash was an awesome night. Briefly met Mike Dimin - a very nice guy who played a great set. I have met Manring before, he was an alien as usual, but this was my first time hearing Trip Wamsley - very cool, I loved his set. An altogether great nite - kudos to Mike and Dan Elliot (who not only MC'ed but also roadied between sets) and to all the others helping out that night. I took a few photos - you can see them here:

    It seems like there were so many Talkbass and ChurchBass subscribers at the Bash - next year we should have name tags so we can more easily meet each other. And we might need a bigger venue as well. :D
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    Oct 5, 2001
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    The man playing bass from the bottom up is Quintin Berry. Here's a bio:

    If you do a search on his name you can find a video of him in action. I saw him last year at NAMM, he's great!