More CD-Recorder--live?

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  1. There was a previous thread about a CD-R, evidently for home or studio use. But I want to add one to my PA rack to record the band, in a live setting. The features I need are:
    -rack mount
    -meters or lights to set incoming signal levels
    -reasonable cost (translate: cheap)

    Any additional features I should look for?? Any recommendations (or ones to avoid?)

  2. brianrost

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    Apr 26, 2000
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    Define "cheap" :D

    Rack mount as a factory feature means a pro unit. They start at about $400 new for Tascam's cheapest. Most are $5-600.

    Consumer units start around $200, need "music" CD-R blanks and you'd have to jerry-rig them into a rack.

    Ones to avoid: I've heard horror stories about the older Philips units that are all over eBay. I owned a JVC unit for all of a weekend before I sent it back as it didn't work properly.