more crest luv.

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  1. :hyper:

    i purchased a really big crest amp today. the pro 7200:

    890Wx2 into 8 Ohms, 2000W bridged into 8 Ohms

    i got it at a really great, undisclosable price. i will never want for power ever again. and the best part is that it weighs 25 pounds. i am going to have a rack that weighs about the same as my HT-112. with my bass in a gig bag, i have a one trip load-in for all gigs.

    my plan is to use a single amp channel, but i may deviate from that if i have as much trouble driving it as i have had with the peavey GPS 1500 i've been using. i know 2000W is dangerous overkill for a single HT-112, but i should be fine if i'm careful. (famous last words...)

    my signal chain goes thusly:
    peavey cirrus BXP 4
    warwick quadruplet
    crest pro 7200
    bergantino HT-112

    the amp is supposed to ship today, so i'll probably see it friday or monday, especially if i drive out to plant 6 to pick it up instead of waiting for it to be routed to my office.

    i know it's not a CA9 (oh, God, look what i've started... :rollno: ), but from my listening tests in the lab, i will be exceptionally happy with this amp. i won't have a gig until july 22, so i'll give a rehearsal report when i get the amp and a gig report after the first gig.