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More factory second Cremona's?

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by englehart blues, Jan 13, 2002.

  1. englehart blues

    englehart blues

    Nov 30, 2001
    Music123.com is showing plywood Englehardt's at a substantial reduction from the price listed on Englehardt's web site:


    The link for basses on Music123.com is:

    http://music123.com/category/category.asp?d=8&c=354&cn=Upright Basses

    The price difference appears to be over 40%. Also, there is a Romanian made bass shown there (Florea Lupeni) with an ebony fingerboard for only $1099.00. What's the deal with that? Just the ebony fingerboard alone should be about $400.

    There is one picture shown of this bass (Florea Lupeni) and it looks kind of like the cheap $600 Chinese bass I went to look at a few months ago. Really hard to say with just one small picture. The Englehardt's look much better.

    Does anyone know anything about these basses?
    I will call their 1-800 to get more info on shipping, strings, set-up, etc.

    Also, I noticed in an old thread on this site someone bought an Englehardt from this Music123.com site and was happy. I will contact them and see if I can get any other info.

  2. If you find anything out, let me/us know about those Engelhardt Es1's ... Seems like a great price!

    I am going to ask my teacher about them and see what he has to say.

  3. englehart blues

    englehart blues

    Nov 30, 2001
    Using the search utility I dug up something someone wrote in here about buying a bass from music123.com:

    I'm much like you, I'm an EB-turned-URB player. I've just gone through the experience of buying my first double bass. I was helped out significantly by a luthier who let me borrow a bass for a month to see if it was something I wanted to invest in. I got hooked quickly. Heed the advice of others: DO NOT buy one of these inexpensive Chinese basses that are going for $500 on e-bay. Even if you are inexperienced (like me), a keen eye looking over the bass will reveal why they are so cheap. After much researching and personal financial analysis, I settled on an Engelhardt EM-1. At $999 from Music123.com, it was the best compromise for me. Yes, I would rather have a high-end laminate or carved bass, and I would have rather bought from a luthier, but my options in my neck of the woods are severely limited. I will be using it primarily for bluegrass and traditional mountain folk music. But if money is less of an object for you than me, I would spend as much as you can afford. There are many options out there in terms of models and places to purchase them. I found this website to be invaluable, along with Bob Gollihur's webiste (All Hail), www.gollihur.com. I also used the 2X Basslist to search on a variety of topics when I was looking around. You can use the link on Bob's website, it's in his links index. Good luck.
  4. There is a guy at http://www.acousticbass.com/ that was complaining about his strings being to high out of the box.

    He didn't get much response and has not reposted about his endevors.

    Just a FYI

    p.s. it was a ES9
  5. jimclark68


    Dec 16, 2000
    Morganton, NC
    That was my reply that Lucien attached to his post, reagarding my Engelhardt EM-1 that I ordered from Music123.com. I have since had some work done to, but nothing that I didn't expect to have to do with any new bass. I have had the bridge worked on, because the action was very high, especially for my small hands. I replaced the endpin with a good quality ebony endpin and replaced the tailpice wire with cable. I also tossed the stock LaBella 610 strings and put on some Corelli 370TX strings. But, it was certainly playable right out of the box, and I've been able to do these improvements bit by bit. However, I will again stress that I bought this bass to play folk and bluegrass and to learn jazz. Even though I have only played a few basses, I could not imagine wanting to do any orchestral work with this bass. I also recommend having a good pair of UV-blocking sunglasses to prevent damage from the high-gloss sunburst finish :cool:

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