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Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Mike Dufresne, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. After reading much praise on this forum for the 140B's, I figured since I'd already spent a small fortune searching for strings for my recently accquired bass, what's another $115? I went ahead and ordered a set.

    Now, here's the issue. A little over a week ago I had a compensated tailpiece installed with the Velvet tailchord. All I can say is... MY BASS CAN SOUND THAT GOOD?!?!? I was so amazed that I stayed up till 3 AM that night practicing....I just couldn't put the bass down, the resonance and clarity was just overwhelming.

    So anway, last Thursday I replaced my Helicore Orchestral Mediums with the Innovation 140B's. I definitely agree with Oldsaw's observations about the tonal qualities of the string, they really are what I was looking for. However, one thing that has really distressed me is the effect the new strings have on my bass; it seemed as if the sound has closed up again, even with the new tailpiece. The resonance that I noticed before has been greatly diminished.

    My question is for others who have tried the Innovations. Do these strings in particular need more time to open/warm up on the bass (Such as I've heard with the Velvets)? Or perhaps it is simply that these strings have a more choked sound? I'm not real sure how to proceed, so any inputs would be welcome.

    Also, has anyone tried the Innovation Jazz strings? If so, how are they for arco? (Since my playing is split pretty evenly between arco and pizz)
  2. Mike,

    When ever I had steel core strings (Kolstein and Helicores) on my bass the sound produced by the G and D strings was loud and as some call it, bright. It is difficult for me to explain, it was as if the sound left the bass and immediately hit me in the face. With the Obligatos and Innovations the sound was not as bright and projected more focused out in front of the bass. When I started playing with the Innovations, the other section players even commented on the improvement.
    I have since put on a set of Flexicores that are not as bright as the other steel core strings that I have tried but they do not have near the volume when playing pizz.

    It would be great to hear from others on the topic of sound projection from their basses with various strings.

  3. I have had the Innovations on my bass for over a week now. I still have not come to a conclusion if I like them. They have been that string you think of taking off every day. My first impression of the string was..damn I just spent $120 on Supernyls.:( After playing them a while I found them to be much more than that. Here is my opinion.

    I agree that they seem very "choked". I can get more sustain out of gut. But, after 10 minutes or so (I either get use to the sound or the strings/bass open up :confused: or whatever) they seem more pleasing. I really like the thickness and tension. They are more "gut like" than any other non gut I have played. (like I said, they actually have less sustain than gut) They do tend to have some roll under your fingers. I also fear the G is coming unwound at the bowing area.

    What keeps me playing them is the fact they are so smooth sounding. The most balanced set I have played. You can make transactions from sting to string and sound more like you are playing on the same string. Bowing is dramatically better than the Corelli's.

    As oldsaw said..these strings may project forward well and cut through the mix even though they don't sound as pleasing from the players position. It's hard to say but You won't have those high frequencies off the board in your face. That took a while to get use to.

    I can't comment on volume at this point. The week I put the Innovations on, the orchestra moved from the stage to the carpeted floor for the Christmas concerts. Everything sounds different on the floor.
    I will continue with the strings for now. Maybe update if my opinion changes or if that G gives in on me. One last comment and maybe the most important is the fact that my wife liked the sound of the Innovations. You must understand that my wife REALLY hates it when I ask her the ole "which sounds better." I can play 10 basses and they all would sound the same in her opinion.... so I better leave these strings on.....but then again I can't stop thinking of Helicore Orchestral Mediums ......damn this GAS.......