more power the solution here?

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  1. Aenema


    Apr 18, 2001
    ok i have an swr bass 750 and a goliath iii. i can see the anti swr posts comin already. ;) anyways when i crank her she gets pretty distorded. the bass 750 is puttin out 450 watts. im pretty sure its the amp clipping. my band plays louder than fu** so i gotta turn the master all the way up and the gain to 5. so im thinkin a 4 ohm cab should do the trick. than my head would put out 750 watts. any suggestions? maybe an eden xlt? i really dont wanna lug around anymore than 210s and a 15 or just a 410. thanx
  2. Shifting to a 4 ohm 410 won't give you much more volume. The extra 300 watts might give you about 2dB more level. That's a pretty slight increase. Unless the new cab is a lot more effiecient. The Eden's a great cabinet but it's only 1dB louder (1 watt/ 1 meter) than the SWR. Your best bet to get the most out of the rig is to add another 8 ohm cabinet. Something like a 15 or a 210. You'll get the benefit of maximizing the amp's power plus the extra spl due to coupling the two speakers. You might look at how you have you rig EQed too. If you've got a lot of mids scooped out, you'll need considerably more SPL to be heard than if you have some mids left in, due to the way our ears perceive sound
  3. Aenema


    Apr 18, 2001
    yeah but my amp clips when i crank it. if i had more power it would be cleaner right? the problem isnt volume. its sounding like crap at high volume. have the low mids boosted a lot. so it should cut thru pretty well.
  4. OK. Look at it like this: If you have the amp at maximum volume and you then double the power of the amp, you will get 3 dB more headroom at the same volume. So yes, it will be cleaner, but it won't make a drastic difference. We're looking at less than a doubling of power here, too. Adding a cabinet is definately your best bet to get the headroom you need short of getting a different amp. I can't imagine many situations where a Bass 750 and say a 410 and 15 wouldn't be able to cut it. I'm using a Goliath III with an Ampeg SVT and it can easily keep up with two hot rodded 100W guitar amps (with guitar players who like to crank'em).. Maybe that's a testament to how tube amps seem louder than their solid state counterparts of similar wattage......
    I had an SWR Studio 220 with an 8 ohm G-K cab and it was just not loud enough. So I figured if I got a 4 ohm cab I would be fine. So I returned the 8 ohm and got the 4 ohm version of the same cab. It really didn't make much difference. Then one day I plugged the head into a buddy's two 8 ohm 410s and BOOM! It made a huge difference, way more volume/headroom... Adding a cab is definately the way to go here. Or getting a 4 ohm cab with more speakers in it and better efficiency (like maybe the Goliath Sr. 610 or something similar). You're just going to have to get more gear:D:p and enlist someone to help you drag it around. ( Just talking about new gear makes my GAS flare up.... Need more stuff:p....). Or you could try to get the guitar players to turn down.....Oops, I forgot we're talking about guitar players here. Forget it.:D
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    Apr 18, 2001
    yeah damn those guitar players! only needin 100 watts to blow your ear drums out.... what kinda crap is that? :D
  6. For sure.

    Add more speakers. This is a much better improvement than a marginal increase in amp power.
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    Jun 20, 2001
    N.E. PA
    Hey there......I'm a bit confused.....

    You set the 'master all the way up' and the gain to 5 ??

    I just sold my I'm trying to visualize the controls panel.....

    Looking at the the left , where the input jacks are, is where you would set the input gain , based on the output of your bass. You need to set this just b4 the point of clipping...which will be signalled by the green led.....which will turn red if being overdriven.You want it at the point where it just starts to 'flicker' a touch of red.
    Most basses (and I currently have 9) will fall into the 1 O'Clock to 3 O'Clock range.

    Once you optimize the input gain, for your bass, you should be good to go.

    You may be doing this......I just couldn't tell from your post. Also ...something else of note.
    Check the 'effects' blend don't state if your using it or not......but if the control is set may be balancing out most of your 'dry' signal....hence gain.

    Of course....EQ'ing will play a big part in how your sound cuts thru the band mix also.....

    I used the SWR750 with the SWR Goliath sr. and got good perhaps more speakers is the way to go for you...

    Good Luck
    Stay Low