More praise for the Zoom B-3 pedal/preamp

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    I had the opportunity to try out a different rig this past Friday night using the Zoom B-3 as the sole preamp/effects, and plugging into a Crown xti4002 (one side at 4 ohms) powering a pair of (don't laugh) Seismic 15" coaxial wedges (passive crossover mode) stacked one atop the other.

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    Long story short - I was pleasantly surprised how this rig performed and sounded. Full, fat, tight, punchy and clear, and carried the room easily from all reports (about 150 capacity, SRO). I find the tools within the B-3 to be very useful and effective, and fit perfectly well within the context of a full rock band format playing a lot of current and classic hard rock. Amongst my favorite effects is the fretless bass emulator. My B-3 preset was Fretless emulator ---> Dual Comp ---> SWR Bass amp model, with the Fretless being switched in and out as needed.

    I will also say that the Crown power amp most likely made all of the difference in this rig, allowing for a lot of clean headroom and limiting protection processing. It's not a cheap amp (around $800+/- US). But the B-3 and Seismic speakers are fairly low-budget items, comparatively. Here's chalking up another win for modeling technology with a full-range stage amp rig.