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More vicious torture of a yamaha BB1200s

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Andy Daventry, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. Here it is:


    I have decided I am not happy with the passivisation of this bass. The lack of punch from the neckthrough and the overall brightness mean that it does not make a good passive PJ fretless.

    I am going to twist it more.

    I have a set of Bartolinis (the w model, I think. Not much poke but plently of output. Very clean and clear). I will put them back on and re-install the preamp. I am not going to bother with separate volume controls or a balance pot, but just have a master volume and a three way on/on/on switch that will let me play each pickup individually or both in parallel. I don't think I have ever tried to subtly balance a PJ bass in my life.

    Guitars do this all the time. Think Tele or Strat. Why don't basses use straight pickup selection rather than balancing more?
  2. I prefer a balance pot because oftentimes the sweetest sounds are just to one side of the center detent.

    FWIW, I've backed off on some of the mods I want to do to my BB5000 fretless, but I can tell that an NTBT with a balance pot is definitely going to go in. If I could get a 40% neck/60% bridge setting on that bass, with the stock pickups, it would be killer.

    Too bad about the ugly gold hardware...
  3. Ah, but my prob is with balance pots on PJs. I wouldn't have a jazz bass where I couldn't balance and tweak the sound, but I have never felt the need for this on PJs.

    What pups do you have?
  4. Stock PJs. The NTBT ought to put back some of the low midrange that invariably gets sucked out from a P-J

    I gotta say, the stock J on these things is just plain weak. However, the neck+bridge setting on the 3-way switch has just a bit too much P roar for my tastes, so being able to back it off a bit would sound better.

    I think the whole idea of a PJ setup is dubious to begin with. Our guitarist friends know that you don't match a hot neck pickup with a low-output bridge unit.
  5. I'm using Barts...
  6. I would have considered dropping in Barts directly, but the neck pickup is not in a standard P housing--one shell is larger than the other. I was actually thinking about routing it for a pair of Music Man humbuckers and putting in a pickguard...boy howdy, that would have been expensive, though, and I don't see myself playing this bass 5 years from now (it's a starter fretless, really), so I'll leave the stock PUs in.
  7. KeithPas

    KeithPas Supporting Member

    May 16, 2000
    I played a defretted BB5000 for a while and I regret ever selling it. I had the pick up selector switch taken out and I replaced it with a balance knob. I found that the tone I liked was with the P pick up backed off about ten percent and the J pick up wide open. I loved the tone of the bass but I did'nt love the 60cycle hum from the J pick up. In general I love the 80's BB series basses. Alot of tone for the money.
  8. Well, we live and learn. This is my first experience with a neckthrough, and I learned how Fender style pups and neckthrough basses don't really mix.

    Anyway, I think the quality of the BB basses is more than 'starter'. Having gone through a '64 jazz bass, a MIA Stu Hamm and a '96 MIA precision now to end up with an '83 JV series Squier as my main (and only!) fretted bass, I am begining to question the whole 'starter' concept, anyway!
  9. Oh, I'm not disputing the professional quality of the BB5000. It's a massively built instrument--it will probably sound killer in 20 years. It's just that the super-narrow string spacing and the just-barely-thick-enough neck aren't really my style, y'know? It sounds great and it's easy to play, and I'd like to use it to really develop my ear and become the best fretless player I can be, so that when I'm making the BIG BUXXX ( :p ) I won't feel guilty about getting a high-end fretless.
  10. Ah, I see. I hadn't realised the BB5000 was a five string, with narrow string spacing. The 1200 is a four string with a full 3/4" spacing. But I know what you mean about the thin neck. Not the same kind of anchor as you get on a P bass!

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