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  1. So now that I have my beloved Trace, I'm wanting to go for a wireless outfit (specially since we are gigging more).

    I found a Nady UHF on I emailed the seller and asked if it had a dual voltage switch and they replied "it is set up for the US voltage supply, you'd have to buy a UK adapter" :meh:

    so to start off:

    i've read good things about nady on TB before, so I'm putting my trust in you guys ;) - any experience with this? is it worthwhile?

    does anyone know if the item will work on 240 V? would i need a 14-18 V supply (on the back of the receiver, theres a label that says "14-18 V DC").
    thanks for any help! :)
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    Could you post a link to the good things about Nady (besides cheap)?
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    Apr 6, 2003
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    I hate Nady Transmitters (keep breaking them, but their customer service keeps sending me new ones), but the sound quality is pretty good for the price.

    Just bought another.