Morgan amp?

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  1. Anybody heard/played thru one of these? A 200 watt tube amp. Looks real sweet too! Site says that they are tuned to go below the audible can't hear it but you can feel it. Any truth to that statement?
  2. Hi.

    Never heard of them.


    Even if it's an OTL design, 200W would be absolutely inadequate power to make the sub-audible frequencies felt.
    Feasibly impossible with a OT design in the first place.

    So without further research, I'd say that's BS.
    But what's new in marketing :).

  3. GregC

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    Jan 19, 2007
    If you search for threads with "Morgan" in the title, you'll find several about this amp. At least a couple TBers have owned them, and one recorded sound clips with the Morgan, an SVT, a Sunn and a Reeves.
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    Gorgeous hand-built amps. I'd love to play one!
  5. Good luck finding a speaker system that can reproduce infrasonic frequencies. It is difficult enough get a solid 30Hz fundamental of a low B. The ear can hear down to around 20Hz so that is going to be some very low frequencies.
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    Sep 21, 2008
    While the claims may have seemed that the result of the bigger transformers is an immense sub bass, I tool it to be a stronger thump.

    From what I understand, it's not a full-range rig and this design approach would really just seem more even to me if I understand the claims correctly.

    Also, considering that many bassists are high-passing or using bandwidth optimizers to take out subsonics out of their signals, this is really just overbuilding a tube amp. I think it would be a great redundancy to have on tap for more percussive play.