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Morley PDW-II Pro Series Distortion/Wah/Volume Pedal modding?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Jason Hall, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. I'm currently gassing for a Morley PDW-II Pro Series Distortion/Wah/Volume Pedal because I think it's nifty and is the closest thing I'm going to get to a Cliff Burton style wah sound. Not really looking to emulate it exactly, but I just think it sounds cool. Anyway, in my research I found out from the Morely site that if you change the distance from the LED and the photo sensor, it changes the sweep of the wah. My question... has anyone ever tinkered with this and what were the results? Bonus points if anyone knows any mods for the distortion! I searched and couldn't find any good information.
  2. Doesn't have to just be this particular morely wah btw... most models (well except the vai and a few others) have the same setup. It seems from what I'm reading on the morely site that if you move the sensor back it should accentuate the bass and mids more. I'm going to end up getting one and doing my own experimenting anyway eventually but if someone else has treaded that territory it would be cool.

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