Morley pro series II bass wah. Discontinued? Any way to get one

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Ian the bassist, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. I recently had a bit of a falling out with the band I was in. The ex bassist gave me his wah pedal for the time I was in the band. Now that I'm out he wants it back. :(

    I know that the pro series 2 morley has been discontinued. I was just wondering if there was any where I could possibly get my hands on one?

    Or if you guys know if they made another series that is pretty much the same? I can get someone to build me one if I can't get it. But I would rather have the same pedal I used for 4 years. :(
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  3. Staccato

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Used or new, they're all over the place. I just checked Google. <--- Is your friend.
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    The blue one? You can get the dual mode that they currently sell. One of the modes is the same as the pro series II.
  5. I just got the Morley Dual Bass Wah today. The funk wah is off the hook.
  6. I googled it and I just got a bunch of pages that had nothing to do it with it. I always google before asking questions on this
  7. Ok I'll look into it. Cheers dude
  8. I have tried a funk wah in another brand before(Can't remember what it was now) and wasn't too keen on it. I love the power that comes out of the notes with distortion on with the pro series 2. Sounds very Cliff Burton :)
  9. It also does a regular wah as well, hence the dual wah. Its worth checking out.
  10. Ah well I gathered that haha :) Do you know if it sounds just like the pro series II? It is the best pedal I've ever used. Just want to make sure I get the same one :)