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    Steve,your music is a wonderful change of pace from the standard " cookie cutter " world of commercial music.Here in the U.S.A things are rather stunted artistically,especially in the realm of music.How can medoiocrity be celebrated while true art music goes unnoticed by the "masses".The music being spoon fed to the average person today is extremely contrived -is there anyone in mainstream music taking any chances anymore?The suits and mtv have all but ruined the music scene in this country.True musical masters must travel over seas (japan-europe) etc to play for audiences that actually have the capacity to comprehend and enjoy their work.Contrived -corporate "safe" music has been programmed into the minds of people for so long now here in the states,its actually become the norm.Thank God for musicians with enough guts and vision to stand up and play their own vision musically.
    peace and blessings.

  2. Steve Lawson

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    Apr 21, 2000
    Birmingham, UK

    thanks for that, I'm really glad that my music resonates with you in that way. The machinations of the music industry used to really get me down, but I'm so clearly not even a part of that kind of commercial scheming now, that I'll just get on with what I do, and hope that enough people buy each album to allow me to do another one and pay the mortgage for a few months... :oops:) While that's still happening, I'll just keep playing the music that's inside me, and hope that you'll keep listening... :oops:)


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