SOLD MOSES Graphite Carbon Composite 4-String Fender Bass Neck w/Hipshot UL Tuners

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    This Moses Graphite 4-String Fender Bass neck is Used but in Excellent Condition: just some light string wear on the frets and some very minor wear overall from light use. Back of the satin finished neck and the phenolic composite fingerboard is smooth, truss rod turns smoothly in both directions, and the frets are in excellent condition with just light string wear (no major grooves or flat spots) and there are no dents or cracks. Action was very low when it was mounted on the bass. This listing is for the neck, Hipshot Ultralite brushed chrome tuners, graphite nut, chrome neck plate and 4 machine mounting screws.

    Moses JB neck (1).JPG Moses JB neck (8).JPG Moses JB neck (3).JPG Moses JB neck (2).JPG Moses JB neck (6).JPG Moses JB neck (7).JPG Moses JB neck (4).JPG Moses JB neck (5).JPG Moses JB neck (9).JPG

    Moses Carbon Graphite was started in 1979 by Steve Mosher; they have made carbon graphite musical instrument parts for companies like NS Design (Ned Steinberger), Fodera, Rainsong, Gibson, Breedlove, etc. . They are no longer making aftermarket guitar/bass necks, so they are getting harder to find. The Moses Graphite Bass Neck has an integrated graphite fingerboard, and a black, wear-resistant, non-sticky graphite finish. All Moses neck models feature 'fine tune' truss rod systems. Moses necks deliver excellent swell and sustain, a strong fundamental, and increased, even harmonics.

    This 21-fret (with overhang) neck has standard Fender bass heel dimensions; will work with most Fender, Warmoth, Allparts, USACG, etc bass bodies.
    • Model: Fender Bass
    • Neck Wood: Carbon Fiber Composite (Graphite)
    • Fingerboard Wood: Phenolic Composite
    • Profile: Modern "C" Shape
    • Radius: 7.25"
    • Frets: 21 w/overhang
    • Scale Length: 24"
    • Nut: Graphite
    • Nut Width: 1.625" (1 5/8", 41.275mm)
    • Heel Width: 2.5" (64mm)
    • Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite brushed chrome
    • Weight: 2 lbs, 12 oz (with all of the included hardware attached)

    SELLING FOR $499 SHIPPED IN THE US, International shipping is no problem, just PM me for a quote. Thanks for checking out the listing!
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