most compact 41.5" EUB?

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  1. I am trying to identify the most compact, travel-friendly full-size EUB available--essentially a 41.5" neck with as little additional length as possible on either side of the nut and bridge. I have an Azola Bugbass (great but heavy) and an Ergo (almost what I want, but about 6" of extra length at the head, compared to EUB's on which the strings wrap). Have you come across any EUB that has the feel of a standard bass but is as compact as possible, for traveling? My goal is not to replicate the rich acoustics of a string bass, so much to have an authentic neck on which I can practice fingering technique. Do you know of anything along those lines? Thanks much.
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    Oct 25, 2005
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    You can take a look at the Eminence bass

    Mine is 41", 4 string, fixed neck. I bought this, it has a hollow body and nice feel to me.
  4. I have traveled extensively with my Eminence 4 string, removable neck model, which comes apart into two pieces and fits perfectly into a hardshell golf bag case. When you get to your destination, you have the padded gig bag in the golf bag carrier so that you can get around with it easily. In effect the golf bag case functions like the SKB Bass Safe does for bass guitars.

    The Eminence is quick and easy to take apart and put back together, and I've never had a problem with putting it in the baggage hold. The other cool thing is that there are no oversize charges for golf bags, and the airlines take one look at the case and assume you are shipping golf clubs. I can fit the folding stand within the golf bag carrier as well. I also believe that the Eminence gets the closest sound to an amplifed acoustic upright bass of any of the EUBs out there, especially if you use gut or synthetic core strings (like Obligatos). Of course this assumes that this is the sound you are seeking.

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    KYDD is now making full scale EUB's. I believe their string length is 41.5".

    Check their website for more info.