Most Effects-Friendly Amps?

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    Hey TB, after a quick search of this topic, I didn't find a recent thread that went over this, so I thought I'd ask it again.

    Started getting into the pedal game, and noticed that my GK MB112 doesn't seem to accept effects pedals very well. I ran a sansamp for years in front of my old Carvin rig, and loved the way it sounded, but through the GK, even with everything flat, the pedal sounds completely dead.

    I know there are amp companies that make guitar amps that are well-suited to running effects (Dr.Z comes to mind) so I was curious if there is a company or a specific amp in your experiences that is naturally attuned to running an effects board.
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    You may just be running into frequency response issues of the combo amp. Make sure the settings on your pedals arent creating a signal your amp just cant produce? Every amp and cab are going to sound and react differently. A single 12 in a combo amp is going to take a little bit of tweaking here and there to make it work.

    Typically, you would really want a nice 'flat' sounding head through a sensitive and full range cabinet, perhaps a 2-way, to get all that you can out of a pedal board.
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    If you are using the same settings for the Tech21 BDDI into the GK setup as you have run into other setups, there is your issue. The GK series of heads have a bit of midrange scoop depending how you set it - coupled with the midrange scoop of BDDI, it can be a recipe for disaster. Turn the knobs a bit more and see what happens. I would lower the blend control to about 3/10 and bring the bass and treble down to about 2 each as a starting point.

    With effects, they all act differently depending on the signal level you feed them, passive basses react differently, active basses do different things too. There really is no rig out there that will do everything you want or be the perfect "canvas" for you to use effects with. The key is to keep trying different effects and use what you like. Sometimes that means replacing an effect down the road with nearly the same thing, but a different brand.
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    I have a suggestion...
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    @JimmyM ..............

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    GK 400RB through my mesa powerhouse 1000 handless all my effects well. Then again so does my svt classic and other amps as well. I do have turn and tweak my pedals for each different bass and amp configuration I have. Mess with your settings.
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    If your amp has an effects loop try feeding the pedal direct to the return. That should bypass the pre in the amp and give you the tone from the pedal alone.

    I've had the best success running passive basses through pedals and into tube amps.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    My Demeter VTBP M 800D is lovely with overdrive and effects, and even without. I'm sure there are many amps out there in this category.