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Most efficient speaker hookups

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Sanctum, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. so i'm assuming 1/4" are the least efficient way to hook up cabs.

    right now I have Speakon (at amp) to 1/4" at cabs. Just wondering if going binding post to binding post will be more efficient, to the point that I'll notice any difference, or if I should just leave things alone.

    Yes I have binding posts on my cabs (and 1/4") but no Speakons. Speakons and binding posts on the amp, but no 1/4".
  2. You might not notice any difference, but for the most contact area I prefer banana plugs on both ends. My second choice is banana plugs on the amp end and speakons at the cabinet.

    I don't like 1/4" connections (too little contact area at the tip) and I don't like speakons or binding posts at both ends - I'd like for something to come loose if someone trips over a cable ;)
  3. arent we talkign about the same thing when I say "binding post" and you say "banana plug"?

    I mean first you said you liked bananas at both ends, then say you DONT like binding posts at both ends. Arent banana plugs just the ends that slide into the bindign posts?
  4. Yup - but instead of screwing wires into the binding posts I just use banana plugs. I don't like cables that won't come loose if someone trips over them.
  5. righto - i should have been more specific, as banana plugs is what I will use.
  6. Sorry for the confusion - we're on the same page now :)

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