Most fruitful rehearsal yet!

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  1. Well...this isn't really a gig story, but if y'all wanna move it to Bass humor & gig stories, feel free. :)

    Anyway, I got home about an hour ago from the BEST rehearsal with musicians ever. And these aren't the guys of my normal band, either. Only one other member of that band was at rehearsal today, and he wasn't playing anything. He was there just to hang out & throw in some vocals here & there.

    What started out as a really crappy rehearsal for one song that someone had written turned into a big jam session where we ended up writing 3 little songs.

    The first of them is unofficially called Beautiful Guy, and it's in a genre we ended up dubbing "gay pop". Of course, us being the immature high schoolers that we are, it's...well, what we find as generally humorous, and might dedicate it to the head boy of our school because he's always going on about how women just can't resist him, and everyone cracks jokes about him anyway. :D
    Well, that and at the mini-prom thing we had 2 years ago the photographer caught a shot of this one guy kissing the current head boy, and it's just funny that way. Immature, I know, but everyone's allowed to be immature every now and then, right?

    The second of the songs is just a rip off of Stand By Me, but we have our own guitar solo & lyrics, and it was just a fun thing to do. :D

    The third song is some kinda...hip-hop type song that seemed really boring at first, but once we actually applied ourselves to it it became just this really beautiful piece of music, showcasing the "less is more" concept. :D

    Well, there was this one other song we had, but we didn't really work with it too much, so we don't have any lyrics or very much to it, but at the next rehearsal...

    Oh yeah, and this all happened within the span of about...3 hours? Including the failed attempts to try the pre-written song.

    I definitely think I'll be sticking with these guys for my last year in high school. :)
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    Hmmm, fruits :D
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    Oh, I thought when I read this title that maybe everyone had gas at your rehersal or something :eek: ;)