Most Important "The Doors" Songs? Help Needed

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  1. Hey... my new "band" decided they wanted to start covering a few doors songs. They wanted to expand alot, but only play a few of em each set. But I still have to learn alot of their "popular" stuff as my guitarist says.

    Well, I "like" The Doors, as I like the music, but I know VERY little about them, nor do I know their most popular songs... Hehehe...

    So could you guys tell me maybe a list of 10 songs that I should learn of theres? I have a few CD's guitarist gave me, but I need to know some songs to play.

    Eh...why do guitarists have to be idiots and forget to tell bassists the songs to play? Iunno....
  2. ...keep in mind that most of those basslines, especially on their early albums, were played not on an electic bass, but by ray manzarek on a fender keyboard bass, so expect some of the lines to either go below low e (unless you work a five-string thud staff like yours truly) and some of the fingering to be a tad oddball at first.
  3. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Actually, I'd say MOST of The Doors' studio stuff IS an electric bass(URB, too, as Leroy Vinegar makes an appearance). LIVE(Absolutely) ;) is where a bassist is MIA.
    There's another thread here(somewhere)that lists the assortment of Doors' bassists...

    BTW, that Fender piano bass has the EXACT same range as the then-Fender electric bass with 20 frets...Low E(OPEN "E" string)to a D#(20th fret on the "G"-string).

    Oh, yeah-
    "Peace Frog", from Morrison Hotel is a must for ya to attempt! ;)
  4. but how does that explain the fact that "the end" goes down to d? and it sounds like manzarek's keyboard...
  5. My List:
    Light My Fire
    People Are Strange
    20th Century Fox
    Backdoor Man
    Whiskey Bar (Alabama Song)
    The End
    Peace Frog
    Riders on the Storm
    Break on Through
    L.A. Woman
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    Dec 12, 1999
    Hey, CJ-
    I dunno, maybe it's an Organ pedal?
    I'll listen to "The End" & let ya know! ;)
  7. Well, thanks guys... I just figured out Break On Through... I was up late last night so I couldn't turn the speaker up loud and it was all shady and stuff, but I'm pretty sure the notes are right...

    During the main riff.... it goes


    Or something very close to that...

    Also learned Stranger, but I don't think I got it down right... LoL, I just kinda made up my own riff to it, but i "think" I might actually just play the riff I made up until the band gets together this week to figure out what to play. If we end up playing it I'll learn the real version, or keep the cool bassline I wrote.

    Whiskey Bar is cool.... pretty simple riff too.


    Love Me Two times... I tried learnin that, but I thought it was a walking bassline and I figure it'll be simpler just to figure out the chords and throw in my own walk, but am I correct in it being a walking bassline? The CD I have is burned, and the bass *is* rather hidden, so maybe I'm wrong.

    Anywayz, thanks for the help.
  8. Its a difficult question because the Doors music varies wildly, but I guess you are there to please the audience, so probably sticking with the standards like 'Roadhouse Blues', 'Riders On The Storm' and 'Break On Through' is your best bet, but you should also throw in a couple of the less known ones, it will blow the audience away. Try:

    Maggie McGill
    End Of The Night
    Wild Child
    Take It As It Comes
    The Spy
    Soul Kitchen
    Five To One
    Waiting For The Sun
    Peace Frog
  9. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    I was wondering, do you have a keyboard player? Some of the Doors tunes you can get away without a keyboard player, but others it just isn't worth doing the cover without the organ unless you are trying to cover them totally to "your style". (Damn it, I love Jim but let's face it, Ray was the genuis of that band :) )

    Our band covers Roadhouse Blues, and everyone seems to like it. (plus I get to go nuts with bass runs on it) Sometimes we'll pull out Riders on the Storm (one of the best bass lines ever written IMO), if people want more Doors. I definatley think Break on Through would be a good one. And if you feel like taking on a challenge, LA Women would be great. Of course, everyone's already mentioned the songs I have. :)
  10. I dont know about that... :)
    Manzarek was awesome, theres no doubt, but I think it was Jims words that were the most important aspect of the Doors. Can you imagine the Doors without 'The End', 'When The Musics Over', 'Break On Through', 'Riders On The Storm', or any of the other poetic Morrison songs. After Jim, I would say that Robbie was the genius of the band, he penned most of their hits.
  11. Our singer can play keyboard, on the songs needed. It's a challenge for him, to sing and play at the same time, but he's up to it.