Most memorable gig moment????????

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    Dec 9, 2000
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    .What is/are your most memorable gig moment(s)??? :confused:

    Mine is when my band were playing at a gig we were only allowed to play one song. All the bands before were real bollocks and we went on the crowd were expecting ****e I started off with the bassline then the drumer we played for a while then it was time for the solos first the drummer then the guitar then keys then me on the bass.

    I started jammin away for my solo and before I kenw it the bloke in the lighting box started putting on disco style lighting (I.E. strobes, flashing multi coloured.)

    Then the crowd stood up and started clapping along with the music. I admit the clapping thing is a bit cheesey but boy does it give you a rush (this was my first gig!!)

    The song was the great Chamelion by Herbie Hancock - pure brilliance but long at 16 minutes:D :p :D
  2. LowfreqB


    Nov 10, 2000
    United States
    My most memorable moment? That had to be when I got paid for my services on the bass.
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    Aug 16, 2001
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    I was filling in with a country band. I had never played with these guys before. For that matter I had just met them and it was the 1st country gig I had done in about 5 years. In the middle of the first set, the sheriff's Department came in with a warrant for the singer's arrest. None of the other guys sang very much, so the rest of the gig was pretty rough.
    We finally decided it would be open mic night for singers and had a bucket of beer contest for the best singer.

    The singer was arrested for beating up his girlfriend.
    A few months later I was filling in with another band playing rock n' roll. He and his lady were there. They asked him to sit in and sing "WOnderful Tonight". During that song he proposed. Last I heard he got picked up at a gig again for beatibg his girlfriend.
  4. We were playing at a place where all the bands before and after us were punk bands that everyone hated. Noone could stand these bands because of how much they sucked. but then when we jumped up and started AC/DC You shook Me All Night Long, they went crazy, we came in second out of all the bands that night, and the only band that beat us had their entire junior class show up for the show. It was awesome
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    Sep 2, 2001
    Let's see...since I am old, there are lots of memorable moments, but one of the MOST memmorable moments was when I was playing bass in a nice little 4-piece group doing the usual cover tunes, playing bars/clubs/frat parties, etc. while in college and making pretty good money...but no original tunes whatsoever. We all sang, had good harmonies, played well, and had a good following. Well, we were approched by this local trio who had a pretty-big hit record at the local level. They sang GREAT, (2 brothers and a cousin), and had a recording contract with then Decca Records. But...and a big BUT, they did not play the music very well...marginal at best. They were born to be lead vocalist, and wanted to do a 3-Dog Night thing, (if anyone out there remembers 3DN), using us for a backup band...7-part harmonies, etc. So, we joined up, did some recording, played some of the best clubs in the area, and generally were making a name for ourselves...IN THE TOP-40 MARKET.
    (Thanks for being patient.Now for the memorable gig part):
    We get booked into THE biggest venue in the area in those days, opening for Grand Funk Railroad and Leslie West/Mountain, who were the hottest of the 'heavy' groups on the charts. A most definate mismatch!! Or, better put...What the hell was our manager thinking by taking the job???
    So it's time to go on...full house...everyone out there is stoned, (not my band), screaming, and NOT wanting to see US AT ALL!! We started playing some rinki-dink top 40 tune, our 3 lead singers in cute matching little outfits standing out there before this OUTRAGED CROWD, who we really couldn't see with all of the lights on us, follow-spots, etc., but we COULD see the coins sailing in at us in the lights, bouncing off our gear, foreheads, and other body parts. Since we, (the 4-piece group), were standing way behind the singers, they took the brunt of the attack. (We were laughing through out the whole set). Finally, the last song was played and we scooted behind the curtains before we were lynched.
    That was the first and last time we were ever payed in coins, not currency:D
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    Jul 11, 2001
    lemme see.. my most memorable gig was probably last thurs. About 500 people showed up for this thing... we didn't do any advertising except for word of mouth... we shared the stage with no band.... anyway.. our 3rd song is a bit of a funk song... we are buy no means a funk band.... but I like me some funk. anyway. right after the opening phrase, i start to play my groove on the bass and as soon as I do it the man in the booth starts doing the disco lighting thing... It was guite tasty and everyone loved it.... but for the rest of the night the lights were going on and off. not too much of a problem except we have a viola player that needs to see his music to play...
  7. Grimwolf

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    Sep 4, 2001
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    My most memorable gig was earlier this year when we had the chance to open for Yngwie Malmsteen. That was an experience. The guy is an amazing guitarist, but that 6 hour soundcheck was a bit much(5 just him and his guitar). Lizzie Borden was also scheduled to appear, but they got so mad at Yngwie that they left the tour right before their soundcheck. All the bands were super nice guys. Randy Coven was Malmsteen's bassist and took the time to come meet us. Awesome musician. We had a great time, especially playing whacked out versions of La Vida Loca and Britney Spears 'Crazy' to a crowd expecting neo-classical metal. You could hear the jaws hit the floor. It was hilarious! Of course we played all our cool instrumental stuff as well, but that was a Kodak moment.
  8. <a href="">Read my post here</a>:)
  9. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
    Gallien Krueger for the last 12 years!
    I have 2. Once we opened for Public Enemy. After we left the stage, PE stuck some lame rap group on stage to play before them. I asked Prof. Griff why they did that, he laughed and said, "What are you crazy? We weren't going on behind you motherf*%kers!" That was cool.
    Another one was were Kool Keith played the Masquerade in Atlanta, and we played right before him. We whipped the crowd into such a frenzy, that after we left the stage, people were leaning against the stage or sitting on the floor from exaustion. Later our manager told us that Kool Keith's manager was upset that he wasn't told about our "sick ass, high energy stage show".
    When he came back here a few months ago, we weren't invited to play the gig.
    We rule!! :cool:
  10. Most memorable gig moment? When the second guitar player got so drunk we had to disconnect his amp. He kept pretending to play...
  11. beaglesandbass

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    Aug 14, 2001
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    prolly the best moment is when u r done, and u hear people cheering and clapping
  12. When you realise that you just played the best solo EVER :D :p
  13. ColonelZulu

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    Apr 14, 2001
    When a babe comes up to you and says, "wow, you play guitar? Cool. That's so sexy."

    Yeah, sure, I play guitar.
  14. in my first professional group (1985-1987), we used to play this place every month or so that had a rotating bar... a clever little attraction that potentially could case bar fights (which did happen once in all the times we were there). i mention that only because i cannot remember the name of the bar.

    the usual stage setup was front row left to right (audience's view) lead guitarist, female lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and back row left to right me, the drummer, and the keyboardist... a very advantageous position for me as I got to look at the chick lead singer's ass every night, but i digress.

    anyway, one friday night we were doing our first set of the evening, and we started playing "walking on the thin line" by _huey lewis_. since the bass part didn't come in until after the first verse, i bent down to take a sip of my coke when i discovered white smoke coming from my corner of the stage. i thought the place had caught fire, but i didn't want to yell "fire" because that would have caused a serious panic. i look across the stage at the rhythm guitar player, who sees the worried expression on my face and then casts a dirty look at the lead guitar player.

    apparently, someone had neglected to tell me that we had added a smoke machine to our stage setup. when i heard a hissing behind me after the song ended and turned around to see the machine there, i immediately felt like i was in a _spinal tap_ outtake.

    i don't think the smoke machine lasted very long in the stage setup after that.

  15. same band, same club, and same stage setup as before (without the smoke machine), but on a different night...

    our lead guitar player, who did a lot of custom work (painting and electronics) on his guitars, had as one of the modifications on his guitars, strap locks. at the right moments, he would sling his guitar over his shoulder and catch it without hitting a wrong note upon its return - a nice bit of glam-rock showmanship to enhance his more than capable musicianship.

    on this night, he did the cinderella over-the-shoulder guitar toss only to have the guitar sound all of the strings open with a loud thud and return rather lamely to the playing position. the bass frequencies immediately dissapeared from the sound mix, as the ****ing headstock of his bc rich had collided with my skull, which was covered only with a felt mafia hat and an ample mane of joey ramone/black flag-era henry rollins hair. because of this accident, i not only forgot the rest of the evening (before and after), but ended up having to take a few months off from the group to recuperate.

  16. same band, but a totally different club, and several months after the "piledriver guitar" incident mentioned above.

    we did a whole weekend -- thursday though sunday -- in january 1987 at a local club where we were regulars as both band and patrons. sunday was usually all-ages night. assorted local musicians would frequently come to the club on sunday to hang out, and everyone pretty much knew everyone else. it was a great scene back then...

    _the beastie boys_ had dropped "licensed to ill" very recently and everybody was talking about the album, or trying desperately to get a copy. i'd already had the album on vinyl. a friend of the band known as _giggler_ had a copy on cassette and brought it along on thursday. by friday we decided to do the song "fight for your right" at sunday's show, knowing how the kids would go ape**** for it. giggler, who joined a later incarnation of the band (long after i left) as a singer, would be sharing the vocals with the lead guitarist and myself.

    sunday came, and a couple of friends from another band came down to see the show. one of them, a keyboard player who was about to go in the navy, had a sampling keyboard with him, and our keyboardist borrowed it for the evening. during the break between sets, a few of the band and crew were fooling around with this machine. another friend that was the light man for yet another band sneakily did an imitation of the club's manager (a good-hearted soul) into the sampler's microphone: "you think it's funny? big rock stars! eric! arrgh!" (eric was the light man) - which was immediately saved onto a floppy.

    the second set started with two-thirds of the band - myself and the rhythm guitarist laid out - playing _nu shooz_'s "point of no return". the two of us slipped back onstage during the final seconds of the song and had strapped on our guitars just in time to hear our keyboardist trigger a certain-newly-recorded sample: "you think it's funny? big rock stars! eric! arrgh!" instead of starting whatever the next song was, most of us spent the next minute or so trying unsucessfully to supress our laughter. in the middle of the set, the two friends came onstage with us to do "smokin' in the boys room". the set concluded with giggler doing david lee roth's "i'm easy" with us, doing very well except for the fact that giggler had come back into the song about one strain early (the arrangement had worked both guitar and piano solos into it). the set was being taped and giggler can be heard on the tape saying, "oh i forgot, magoo [the guitarist] has to get his extra little lead in there" -- only to realize that the keyboardist was taking his solo!

    the third set, the one with the planned cover of "fight for your right", came. we did the song and i didn't realize that our old drummer had come up to play the song with us. we did the song and giggler was waiting to nail a friend of ours with an unusual backwards _cyndi lauper_ haircut with the line "i'll kick you out of my home if you don't cut that hair", which comes in the third verse. during the second verse, giggler was supposed to sing "that hypocrite smokes two packs a day" but had been looking for our friend with the hairdo in the audience, saw him and started singing the wrong line! no matter -- the kids still dug the song. unfortunately, the soundman had forgotten to start the tape recorder and the whole last set was never preserved!

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    Mar 27, 2001
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    You opened for Yngwie Malmsteen? That must have so kicked ass.