Most Strange BDDI Problem

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    Nov 21, 2007
    I have spent the past hour searching the forums on this, and I found a lot of good info but nothing that points directly to this problem.

    It is fairly accepted that the SansAmp BDDI can clip (undesirably) with certain basses. Mine does this with my Warwick with active MECs. This could be due to limited voltage headroom for the preamps (probably +/- 4.5 V on a 9 V battery). Not necessarily relevant here, just interesting.

    Anyway, when I power up my rig and start playing through the BDDI with tube emulation turned on, I get clipping with any settings I dial in. So I switch off the tube-ness and continue playing, with the clipping eliminated.

    Here's where it gets weird.

    After playing for 10 - 15 minutes, I switch back to tube emulation, and the clipping is gone.

    This is completely contrary to my experience with solid state electronics. The best that I can tell is, after being on for a few minutes, the BDDI preamps or other circuitry warm up and actually start to perform better.

    I have a feeling the BDDI is going to get returned, but has anyone seen anything like this before? Have you seen the programmable BDDI have clipping problems?