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Most suitable multi effects for me?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by stinkiusminkius, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. Hello all.

    I currently play cover versions (indie stuff) which involves me needing certain different styles of sounds, so I'm thinking a multi effects pedal should cover my needs. but most that i read about seem to have silly problems like delays between switching effects - i would want one that has no delay when switching between patches. even the line 6 pod needs a separate (and not cheap ) foot pedal to do this. however, i also dont always want the hassle of an amp - so maybe some amp modelling is also needed.
    any thoughts of what would help me out? (the boss gt6b always gets good write ups, if it can do all this - but is there something cheaper?).

  2. Four words - G T 6 B (or maybe the ME-50B, but I cannot comment on it because I have never played with it).
    I have had my gt-6b for about a year now and have used it in the studio and live and have not had a single problem with it. The unit switches between patches smoothly and quickly and offers a huge variety of options. It is a bit pricey, but for the quality of sound and a very durable housing, I think it is money well spent.
    Definately check one out.
  3. dirtgroove


    Jan 10, 2003
    Taipei, Taiwan
    You can probably find gt6b s second hand for increasingly less $$ what with the me50b. The amp sims aren't great but with tweaking some good tones can be found. In a live situation I still prefer it to my board, it's just simpler to use and gives me less room for breakdowns.
    I wouldn't use it for serious recording but in a live situation it kicks ass.