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MOTU 828 mkII setup

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by badassmonkeykid, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Just wondering if anyone had tried the 828 vs the 828 mkII.
    Ive been recording with a pci audiophile 2496 in my pc for awhile. Its now time for me to move on up to multiple inputs. I know the mkII has adat, and the original doesnt, but i also heard that the originial wont go up to 96khz sampling. anyone know if this is true?
    My setup will be an 8 mic preamp running into the MOTU, then if i get the mkII, id eventually pick up an 8 mic xlr-adat preamp, taking me up to 16 inputs, which is prolly all id ever need at this level. im primarily going to be recording on my pc where i have cubase and reason... but i will also be using an iBook im buying in a few months, of course the only app id have would be garage band, since i dont really have the cash to buy logic or any of the other mac programs after i get done buying all my nifty hardware.
    also, has anyone here ever tried an 828 mkII as a mixer, run into an amp, and then out to speakers, im thinking about doing that and i just want to make sure im not missing something...Id like to be able to have my own pa, and this seems like the most equipment efficient way for me.
    anyways, any input, suggestions, other options would be helpful.
  2. msquared


    Sep 19, 2004
    Kansas City
    I have the original. It won't go past 48kHz sampling. But considering that everything I record is destined for 16/44.1, it never bothers me that I can't do 24/96k.

    Also, the original does have ADAT I/O. The MOTU 828 stuff is still one of the only units in its class (1U firewire A/D interface) which permits you to use all of the interfaces simultaneously. So you can use the eight A/D ports, the eight ADAT ports, and the two SPDIF ports to get a total of 18 channels in and 18 channels out at once. I've done it before for live recordings and it works great. :)

    I've never used the 828mkII but the idea of a software based mixer rubs me the wrong way, especially considering how much drama has been involved with getting my 828 stuff working with PC hardware.
  3. i can get an 828 uber cheaper on ebay...
    you saying i should go with that, bro?
  4. so, does the 828 work as a hardware mixer too?
    because if not i could have a problem i wanna use my system as the mixer for a pa, routed to an amp and out to speakers.
    would that work for me, or would i need the 828 mkII?
  5. msquared


    Sep 19, 2004
    Kansas City
    That would not work for you. The 828mkII claims to do it but there is no way I would ever just take that and use it as a PA. You still have to control it with software or you'll go nuts pushing buttons.

    If you think you'll have to do PA with your rig, get a hardware mixer first. You can still record multiple channels.. you'll just have to mix them before they hit the computer. It's not a bad way to go and you'll learn some things along the way which will help you out once you do get a multitracker.
  6. so...if i wanted a pa for my basement for jamming with my band, could i theoretically use the 828, running through the computer to the amp, im going to be using my ibook so id have a computer to run it into...