movie adaptation of William Burroughs' QUEER

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  1. heard an interview with Steve Buscemi yesterday.

    they picked a most unlikely novel to have made into a filc.

    Burroughs' Queer, of all things.

    they have a script, Buscemi will play Will Lee (Burroughs) during his Mexico period.

    y'all know, when Billy did the William Tell trick with his wife.

    "OOOOOOOOOPS, sorry hon!"

    by the way, i can't wait!!!

  2. pigpen02


    Mar 24, 2002
    BRILLIANT! i've been a burroughs fan since sixteen when my older buddy had me watch the naked lunch; next day, i ran out and bought junky and never looked back. that's cool as hell fred, any idea when that's gonna get rollin'?

    i usually avoid theaters like the plague, but that's one i'd pay the $8.50 to see. and buscemi as bill? good call i think, can't think of anyone else i'd have picked to play such a huge figure.
  3. Crazy crazy crazy. Naked Lunch was a mind-blowing book in every sense of the word, completely transformed my life, this could be interesting.