Moving to the Boston Area at the end of August!

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  1. The second big announcement! We are moving to the northeast (somewhere near Boston/ Cambridge) at the very end of August!

    Following her defense in August, my girlfriend will begin her new position as a curatorial fellow at Harvard’s Busch-Reisinger Museum, where she will work on an exhibition celebrating the Bauhaus centennial. The Busch-Reisinger is the foremost American collection of German art, so we are both thrilled she found the perfect position to continue her research right out of school.
    Houston has been great and we will miss it. I look forward to cool weather and all the great musicians in that area.
    I hope to meet some of you in that area. I will, of course be looking for bass students!
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    bring your own shovel
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  3. It will take 10 Siberian winters to finally cool down from 5 disgustingly hot and humid Houston summers! I can't wait to shovel snow!
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    You're going to have a great time in Boston. There's a lot of music, and a ton of musicians, who are right up your musical alley, Damon.

    And y'know, we're only an hour or two north and we have a whole state full of snow ready for you!
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    Jul 7, 2004
    That's great! I love Boston and Cambridge and have had many great experiences there. And to be affiliated with Harvard is really exciting.
  6. I ended up getting a place in Quincy, Max Roach wrote a tune about Quincy with the Ray Draper Art Davis band:

    and some really cool gigs in NYC and Cambrige!
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    It looks like I will be able to keep some Houston and Bay Area students by Skype and hopefully I will pick up a few New England students. Skype lessons and better than I thought, actually.
    I am ready to cool off up there, that is for sure!!
  7. Lee Moses

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    Apr 2, 2013
    It's a beautiful place, especially for the next couple of months. I enjoyed my time there, and I'm sure you will too. Love those steak and cheese sandwiches!