MP Jaguar Bass - switching to bass - rig?

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  1. LennyTyler


    Jan 22, 2014
    Hey I am predominantly a guitar player but have decided to try to play bass professionally as well. I just purchased a Fender Modern Player Jaguar Bass, and since I've been reading reviews about these like crazy... I decided to contribute my own.

    The first thing that I'm sure anyone notices is probably the main masterpiece of this guitar: the neck. It's 'fast' and comfy.. . no problems with buzzing or intonation. Clear and crisp sounding acoustically right out of the box. Harmonics and tapping sound so clear and 'in tune' (ive had problems with a lot of basses where finger tapping sounds like crap) - - just the entire feel of the neck is incredible. I also tend to slap, and bend pretty hard. No problems going out of tune or anything.

    Moving on... I've read complaints about this bass being too heavy, while I'm pretty sure it's slightly lighter than a JT jazz bass I have. I also read a complaint about it not being weighted properly... I personally tested this out by just letting it hang on my neck trying to get it to drop based on its lack of equilibrium and was completely unable to make it go off balance at all. Myth busted as far as I am concerned.
    I happen to like the way the body looks and feels quite a bit.

    The bridge is actually really nice and I think it contributes a lot to the sustain and the extra tone/punch this bass possesses acoustically.

    Finally the pickups... I find that they are both naturally pretty punchy and it takes more of a fine tuning to get it to sound smooth and beefy in the low end than it does to get a tone with a lot of punch/bite to it. These pickups sound great with fingerstyle playing (slap n tap n pop etc) but they also seem to have a very full sound so much that I think they would be great for metal/punk/hard rock (with a pick) - - - as well as for funk, R&B or even hip hop. (finger picking)

    I think getting a smoother, jazzier sound requires making the bass kind of go against what it was designed to sound like. Although it is fully possible with the right amp setting to get the sound i refer to, I just think it leaves less room to mess around with that type of sound... Which I might go as far as to switch pickups to get although I'm pretty happy with the sound I have.

    Here is a video review of me playing it fresh out of the box.


    2. Pedals? compression ? loop? delay? fuzz? octaver?
    i do like the mark bass synth pedal.

    3. Pickups? For some reason I found I liked the sound of the seymour duncan quarter pounder p pickup.
    If I were to try to zero in on a jazz bass sound I could get behind, it'd have to be something that sounds like 90's hip hop and R&B.

    If anyone has any opinions I would greatly appreciate them.

    All in all I'm very happy with this bass. I would say it is easily worth double what I paid for it. Overall I'd rate it 9.9/10. It could be anyone's "perfect" bass if the pickups were more suited to their preferred sound. Which is great because it seems it wouldn't be a crazy hassle to make this a solid 10/10 (or higher) bass tweaked to anyone's taste. :bassist: