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  1. Got a dilemma of sorts.

    At my job I can listen to music, but only in one ear. So I buy this STA-M100 Single Earbud w/Mic
    since it sounded from the description like it should work. (Previously I was trying to get the jack inserted just right so it would play both sides on just one ear. Didn't work so well. :roflmao: )

    Well, it does and it doesn't. Some songs it sounds good. Some songs it sounds like the old Beatles version of stereo, where it was mixed with all the bass on one side, vocals on the other side, etc. So with one ear only you can't hear the whole song. And most songs are somewhere in between.
    I've used this with both my phone (Motorola Droid of some sort using Google Play) and a couple of older Mp3 players, all with the same music on them. Iron Maiden Live After Death sounds pretty good, but Manfred Mann's Earth Band sounds horrible, as do the Cars and even the Beatles. Along with lots of others. So it probably has something to do with how the songs were mixed originally. Driving me nuts.

    So I am wondering if there is some software I can get cheaply or might even have already on this computer that I can take the stereo songs and convert them to a mono that doesn't lose 50% of the songs content. Not sure what I have on this new to us computer, but my older laptop has several different programs for recording stuff.

    Or if anyone has experience with any other brand of ear bud similar to what I bought that actually works on all songs I'd appreciate it.

    I've even thought about just soldering over the jack on a cheap set of earbuds, but I am worried that doing that could harm the player by changing the impedance of the load (earbuds).

    Any ideas appreciated. Other than finding a better job. This is one of the few I've had the last several years that even allows ANY music listening. :jawdrop:

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    Have you checked the Accessibility settings on your phone?