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    I am literally fishing here. I had this bass built custom for me in the winter of 2019/20. MPLS guitars (Mpls Guitars) are a VERY small boutique builder out of Minneapolis and just great guys. They do guitars for a lot of the local artists in the area. This bass was exactly what I wanted and asked for and the first maple fretboard they ever made. It’s in basically perfect condition. I played exactly one show with it and then . . . COVID. And we’ve just been roommates ever since. So why trade? I don’t know. Just maybe to see if there’s something out there I’ve never had before. Also the music project I got it for doesn’t seem like it’ll be happening. So we’ll see what’s out there.

    the specs basically are:
    Mahogany body
    Maple fretboard with pretty figuring
    Weight: hefty. 10.0 on the old bathroom scale
    Pickups: proprietary to them. Wound like a Tbird.
    Nut Width: 1.625
    The neck is chunky. Very chunky. I don’t know neck profiles but this is NOT like my jazz basses. Or even the Ricks I’ve had. This is a beefy neck.
    what do the switches do? I couldn’t tell you. They change some stuff when engaged but I mostly use them wide open.

    So, how does it sound? At a quiet volume they don’t seem like super hot pickups, but when you turn that amp up they ring clear as a bell and it gets loud and super upfront. The night I played it live some dude in the crowd told me he could hear every note from the back of the room. So it’s very articulate.

    trades? Like I said, something I’ve never had before. Maybe something else unique? Something boutique? Not looking for standard P or J basses or Ricks (which I’ve had a lot of) unless it’s sort of rare. My list looks like:

    American Fender Jag basses
    Custom shop Fenders (probably plus cash from me)
    Serek Basses
    EB musicman Joe Dart
    EB Big Al basses
    Gretsch thunder jet
    Fano JM basses
    Sandberg maybe. Depending on the model
    Late 70s or early 80s Rickenbackers

    Run whatever you like past me and please ask any questions in a DM. Like I said, I’m totally tire kicking. But I can promise you you’d be the only person in your city with a bass like this. The build quality is wonderful. I’m figuring the trade value to be in the $1900 range plus or minus some. I know it’s a unique bass for sure.

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  2. Kernkamp

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    Jun 24, 2007
    St. Paul, MN
    Also, the decals on the pickguard I can pull. I added those and they’ll come off very easily.
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    Wow very cool.
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    Jun 24, 2007
    St. Paul, MN
    edit . . . I'd sell outright now as well. $1800 OBO