SOLD Mr Black Mini Octaves

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    I pretty much just bought this out of curiosity.
    It's essentially still brand new, I played it for maybe 15 minutes total.
    Nothing at all wrong with it. No velcro, box and stickers still intact
    $85 shipped in Continental US

    A super-small polyphonic pitch-transposer designed to deliver one octave above and one octave below the root. Precise engineering and thorough signal processing allow complex chords and even distorted signals to be handled with ease! Three simple controls allow you to quickly dial in the original voice as well as two additional voices: one octave above, and one octave below your original signal. High-noon on each control delivers unity gain of the voice, while full CCW rotation yields -∞dB and full CW rotation doles out +3dB independently. A subtle and gentle flutter mimics the natural vibrato signers produce during live performance. Handmade and built to last by real live humans

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