SOLD MSL Make Sounds Loudly custom MP-1 and Bass Fuzz Face (final price drop!)

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    MSL Pedals / Make Sounds Loudly Maestro MP-1 phaser and Mark's Bass Fuzz Face combo with a clean blend on the fuzz. The phaser and fuzz can be selected separately and of course sound killer together. I was inspired by their Night Witch pedal but preferred this circuit for bass.

    You can hear the MP-1 and bass fuzz face on the MSL Instagram to get an idea of how they sound. This is basically new, and I just had it built but I am needing to fund a bass purchase which is why I am letting this custom build go.

    IMG_5577.jpg IMG_5576.jpg IMG_5578.jpg IMG_5585.jpg IMG_5583.jpg IMG_5584.jpg IMG_5581.jpg IMG_5580.jpg IMG_5579.jpg IMG_5616.jpg IMG_5617.jpg IMG_5639.jpg

    *NOT included is the wee Grogu, he and I have formed a life bond and I am unable to let him out of my sight.
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