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  1. I'm considering to buy a new MTD 435, better a used one.

    I'd like to know from some owners something about the feeling on the neck and the kind of sounds it's possible to achieve (from different body woods).

    Informations from MTD 535 owners are welcome too.
  2. We've got a blueburst MTD 435 in stock at Bass Central. I tried to post a photo, but for some reason it's not working. If you go to and type "MTD" into the search function, you'll eventually find a page with 3 photos of this bass. It's worth the effort to find, believe me. It plays like an angel, sounds better. Amazing bass, and trust me that picture isn't even close to giving you an idea of how beautiful it is.
  3. i've tried a few of these basses in a local shop that carries them close to where i live and i will say that the type of woods used in the different models make a *big* difference in the sound from one bass to another. maybe i'll take a ride down there again and see exactly what these are made of.
  4. Thanks all for your opinions.
    I really have to touch at least one of these excellent basses, because of the asymmetrical neck. A lot of people seems to like it.

    Gard, a question please, do you know how many MTD are made in an year?
  5. Panto -

    I don't know the answer to your question off the top of my head, but I'll make sure to find out for you as soon as I can.
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    Here's a my post from an earlier thread on MTDs. If you haven't already, search the entire forum for MTD, and you find some great theads that were posted earlier.

    I just received an email from a Talkbass member who is interested in buying an mtd 535. He had seen my pic post of my bass in this forum, and wanted to know what I thought of mtd basses. Here are my comments...

    First, where am I coming from? I'm a funk / top 40 bassplayer from the late 70s-80s. After that, I got a 9-5 job and now play for fun. I usually played Fender P-basses and Jazz basses, and I listened to Rocco Prestia, Larry Graham, Marcus Miller, Will Lee, Louis Johnson, you get the picture (alot of slapping, plucking, and syncopated bass riffs). Now that I have some bucks, I play an mtd 535, Lakland 55-94, and a souped up active bart-equipped Jazz bass. Frankly, if I were still playing bar gigs full time, I would never have bought the first two basses for obvious reasons (could not afford them).

    Most MTDs have what I call a Hi-Fi tone. The frequency response goes way up to ultra highs and way down to ultra lows. I believe that this is a function of the Bart PUs and the proprietary Michael Tobias active electronics. The extremely articulate definition and tonal nuances of this bass, I believe, is also influenced by the combination of neck and body woods. My bass has a maple burl top on swamp ash body, and a maple neck with wenge fretboard. Using a combination of my own and my friends' observations, I would say the bass sounds like a Fender Jazz bass on steriods with the ability to dial in super-ultra lows and super highs at will. The low B and E strings have a very focused, cohesive, punchy tone with a lot of definition. Not muddy and boomy like many other basses. In my opinion, the tone quality of MTDs are predisposed to being used in jazz, fusion, funk, and R & B material. I don't think that the bass would do itself justice in the blues, rock, and heavy metal types of music. All the refined tonal nuances of MTDs kind of get lost in the mix for some reason with rock. For blues, the bass's sound is too clean and Hi-Fi. (I've tried playing blues and rock on my mtd, and a plain Fender seems to sound better!).

    I have an open mind when it comes to basses. I love my mtd bass, but I also like the sound of my Lakland and my Jazz. I also appreciate Fender P basses, Sadowskys, Musicmans, Warwicks, F basses, Foderas, Ken Lawrence, Hofner Beatle, and Mike Lull basses.

    Getting to the bass that you're looking at, it is very similar to my mtd. However, that solid wenge neck will give it a slightly different tone as compared to my bass, which has a maple neck with wenge fretboard. Your bass will have an even more focused "low-mid bass" and mid-range frequency response. This is based on my interviews (on the topic of woods) with many experienced professional bassists over several years. You can also check out Michael Tobias' web site, or just call him and ask him. he's a great guy, and he will help you out even if your looking at buying one of his basses on the used market. Also, you can check out Glenn at Austin Basstraders, I bought my bass from him. He is an mtd dealer and sells new and used MTDs (email: [email protected]). Bass Central seems to have a nice selection. Although I've not bought anything from them, I've dealt with Beaver over the phone, and he seems like a real nice guy.

    I hope this helps.
  7. Hi gfab333,

    yep, I have read already your ideas on MTD basses: really very useful.
    I also was looking for comments specifically on the 435, but I know there are more 535s.

    I took a look of the blueburst MTD 435 at (
    Gorgeous bass and it's the first *35 MTD I see with 24 frets (?).
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    Hey gfab333, I still have my MTD and still love it.
    Thanks for your help a few months ago. I use my MTD a lot...but the Fodera has a small edge over the MTD. Everything you said in your post above
    is so true.
    Thanks again, Dan
  9. Gotya an answer Panto. Mike makes approximately 100 basses a year. If the blueburst on our website isn't to your liking, we're expecting another 435 in about a week. It will be a tobacco sunburst over burl myrtle, wenge neck and fingerboard. I believe it will be a 21 fret instead of a 24 (the 24 is a $200 option). If you have anymore questions, just ask.